Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What I Wore Sunday…on Tuesday

     I know that I rarely tell you what I’m wearing (usually this is because it’s running shorts (although I don’t run) and a fraternity shirt of Keith’s), but I was so loving my outfit from Sunday, that I had to share.  I would wear this or something similar everyday if I could.

In case you’re wondering…     
the pants and shirt both came from TJ Maxx    
and the shoes are from K-Mart…that’s right – K-Mart!   

     I’m not going to lie…taking these pictures was awkward, and you’re only getting one because apparently all I do in pictures is put my hands on my hips and cock my head to one side.  Nevertheless, this was perfect for church and will work so well in the classroom.  You’ll have to ignore the wrinkles in the shirt; it’s linen, and I’d been sitting for an hour!  You’ll also have to forgive my hair…it was feeling very free that day and refused to obey my hair spray.
     If I can think of a less awkward way to pose for pictures, you might get more of these (or you might just have to suffer the uncomfortable poses).
     FYI, this picture does not do that shirt justice!  It’s much more lime-y in person.  The shoes are a dark coral-y orange. 

     In unrelated news, is anyone else totally shocked that it’s almost August?  I feel like it was January about a week ago.  I’m not sure if I like this or not!  This is my last week of work in my last summer as a college student; I feel like I’m 100.  Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 30, 2012

If You Really Knew Me

     I know everybody has done one of these, and even though I’m a little late getting to it, I really liked the idea of the post. 

If you really knew me…

you would know that I am not as sweet as I may seem on here.  I have a sarcastic streak a mile wide, and I am quick to snap back .  Defensive and sassy is my go-to in tough situations.  This probably isn’t my best quality, and it is always something I’m working on.

you would know that I am the world’s worst at remembering to take pictures.  Total. Fail.

you would know that I say I don’t care what people think about me…but I do…but I don’t…but I can’t make up my mind.

you would know I plan out everything in my head: my day, blog posts, conversations (…I know), semesters, the future…I’m nuts.  I know.  I don’t even plan in broad strokes or what I like; it’s down to the specifics.

you would know I carry all my tension in my shoulders…and I don’t even have a stressful life!

you would know that I have taste out of my budget…it’s a curse.

you would know that I laugh at all my own jokes.

you would know I think I’m a lot craftier than I actually am, but I’m getting better.

you would know how much I overanalyze.  You would then likely tell me that I’m a super-nut.

     I am sure there is a ton more I could tell you, but how would I ever fit it into one post…I hope each one of you had an incredible weekend.  Mine was fabulous.  You don’t know laughter until you hear a two-year-old tell someone, “When it’s Christmas time; when it’s snowy time…then you can have a love.”  I’ll be back tomorrow with a “What I Wore Wednesday Sunday (on Tuesday).”

Sooooo relaxing.

Friday, July 27, 2012

It’s. Friday.

     Two link ups in a row?  It’s like I’ve stepped through the looking glass!  I almost never do that, but I have always wanted to join in with Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday’s Letters.  Plus, this has been the longest week everrrrrr, so I’m a little short on my own ideas.


     Dear weekend, where have you been all week?  Dear work, thank you for being over for this week…and almost for the entire summer even though I really love you (usually).  Dear Coca-Cola, I’m looking forward to our date this afternoon at 3:15.  Dear Blue Bell, if you continue making Christmas Cookie ice cream we can continue being friends.  Dear blogosphere, you have brought some amazing ladies my way, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me.  Dear wedding dress, I’m still sad that you have to hang in the closet for almost a year just teasing me with your gorgeousness.  Dear beach, get ready.  I’m coming for you in two weeks and one day.

     There you have it ladies, my first Friday’s Letters…so fun!  You’ll have to forgive me if I’m not creeping around a lot in the next few days.  I’ll be busy hanging out with

this fella


this girl…deep in conversation, no doubt.

     I’ll see you when I see you…with a new recipe, new pictures, and some beach news!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

21 in 21

     Yesterday was my day off, and as per usual I spent it running errands and creeping through the blogosphere.  Imagine my delight when I see that Erin over at Living in Yellow (…also Living in My Sidebar---->) is hosting this little gem of a link up.  I love making lists – I think I have two in my purse right now plus my 101 in 1001, but this one is a little more specific, and I love that.  She’s made a list of 26 things to accomplish this year and challenged us to make a list for ourselves.  Don’t mind if I do.  Some of these are going to overlap with my 101 in 1001, but here we go anyway.


21 in 21

1.  Plan my entire wedding.  I get married almost two months after my birthday, so I think we (my mother, sister, and I) can definitely do this.

2.  Get a teaching job.

3.  Do some serious financial planning – graduation, job, marriage, finding a place to live…I’ll need some plans.

4.  Graduate from college.

5.  Start (finish?) sewing a quilt.

6.  Get to 500 followers.  That’s a scary big number for me.

7.  Start prayer journaling.  I have been so convicted about my prayer life lately, and I really want to keep track of what the Lord is doing in my life right now.

8.  Learn to French braid.

9.  Bake a pie (a real one like apple, peach, blueberry, cherry, etc.).

10.  Have engagement pictures made.

11.  Sew something from a pattern (a real one).

12.  Do something charitable at Christmastime…probably an Operation Christmas Child shoe box – I love those.

13.  Sing in the church choir.

14.  Buy colored pants (preferably red).

15.  Buy a wedding band for Keith.

16.  Accessorize – jewelry, scarves, etc.

17.  Go on a day trip with Keith.

18.  Build a professional wardrobe.

19.  Take good beach pictures.

20.  Read 15 books (that I haven’t read before).  I love to read, but I never make time for it when I’m at school.

21.  Buy a dresser and/or desk and/or bed (frame) for my future home…so it’s not totally empty.

Totally unrelated to the post (as always), but how cute!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Golden Girls

     Am I the only one who loves the Golden Girls?  I hope not – they’re hilarious.  For some reason, I never listened to the words of the theme song until about last year.  This one is for you, lovies.  “Thank you for being a friend.”  I’d like for you to meet some of my new friends:

Lianne at A Content Housewife

     Hi there! I'm Lianne and I blog over at a content housewife! I'm a 23 year old wife to a ruggedly handsome man, momma to a precious 8 month old giggly girl, lover of Dr. Pepper, all things Harry Potter, & the color green.
My blog is a small piece of the world wide web where I share bits of our life, my hobby of photography, crafty things, and the occasional recipe or two.
I'd love to meet you! So please come find me here:
Mae at Two Hoots & a Holler 


     Hi Cupcakes and Candy Canes readers! I'm so excited to be here today! I’m Mae and I blog over at Two Hoots & a Holler. Two Hoots is a lifestyle blog where I write about everything from embarrassing stories, to being married to a musician, to (most recently) adopting our baby girl! I love getting to know new bloggers so come on over and introduce yourself!
     These ladies are so sweet!  Both of their blogs are doing some great things right now, and I hope that you will stop by and visit with them…and then maybe catch a Golden Girls rerun.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just in Case

     Just in case you haven’t been keeping up with my 101 in 1001 (don’t worry…I forget about it too), here’s a little update/tutorial/bragging.  I did one of my Pinterest projects
     This little towel roll-up was a special request from my sister, and I am loving the way it turned out.  For all you non-sewers…don’t worry.  This was really easy (and could totally be done with fabric glue or Stitch Witchery.

Towel Roll Up


     I know you’re thinking that this just looks like a folded hand towel, and while it sort of is, you’re missing the fun/usefulness!  Let’s do a quick how-to, shall we?

You will need
1 hand towel
(optional) ribbon
(optional) button
(optional) elastic


1.  With the back side of the towel facing up, fold from the bottom up about 2/3 of the way.
2.  Measure across and mark (I used pins) about how wide you want your pockets to be.  Mine were roughly 6 inches apiece with four pockets, but you could have as many as you want.
3.  (If your thread and bobbin color match, skip this step)  Flip towel over and stitch from the edge of the pocket (you’ll have to go by feeling where it is) all the way to the bottom.
4.  Repeat step 3 until all pockets are sewn.
Note:  This project could be finished here.  I didn’t add any of the cutesies for my brother-in-law’s towel, because men generally don’t care about the fixins.
5.  If you’re not done, stitch a length of cute ribbon along the right hand side of the front of the towel.

I know the ribbon’s stitching is not even…I’m calling it whimsy.

6.  Add a coordinating button.
7.  Roll towel up to about how big you think you’ll like it.  This is a matter of preference.  Loop elastic around the button and pull it around behind the back of the roll (stretching it pretty tightly).
8.  Tack elastic to the back of the towel (I stitched inside the pocket so you can’t see the untidy tacking.).


9.  Roll up, secure, and marvel at how cute you are!

     These are so cute, and will definitely come in handy.  No one likes to search for a toothbrush that has sunk to the bottom of a bag.  With this, all of your things are right there together, and you can wipe y our mouth on it, dirty it up, and then just throw it in the wash!  Also…how cute would these be monogrammed?!  Reason #578 why I need one of those machines!

Where I Link Up
I Heart Nap TimePoofy Cheeks Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special TutusandTeaPartiesToo Much Time On My Hands

Monday, July 23, 2012

Two. Weeks.

     I have two weeks of work left.  This is blowing my mind.  Following that there is one week off and then the beach!  I enjoy my job, but with the sand and water thiiiis close, I’m just about ready to be done.  I can’t complain really.  I only work four days a week, and the way I created my schedule my schedule is set up, I don’t have to do too much after lunch. So nice.
     If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times – I. Love. The. Beach.  From now until we strike out for Ft. Morgan, I will be in beach mode 100%.  I’m working on lining up some lovely ladies to guest post while I’m gone, so I hope you’ll stop by to hang out with them! 
     I’m hoping that in the next two weeks I’ll also get my student teaching assignments.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the school already knows and is just choosing not to write the email…which is sort of a bother for me.  I’ve gotten some great teacher clothes recently, and I keep thinking of fun classroom and lesson ideas, but I can’t use any of this stuff until I know which grades I’m going to be with!  I can’t wait to find out, and I am just on pins and needles over here.
     Aaaaand in two weeks I will (hopefully) probably have a wedding photographer.
     In two weeks, it will be August, and I’ll have a whole new round of sponsors (shoot me an email to get in on the sponsor star treatment).

…this is the only thing in my brain right now.

     I don’t know if I’ve ever had such a busy/not busy/waiting/doing two weeks.  I can’t wait!  How do your next few weeks look?  Big plans?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

What’s in my Purse

     I love that in the blogosphere there is always somebody coming up with great ideas right when I need them to.  Explanation:  the other day I was thinking that I should do a “What’s in My Purse” post.  Imagine my delight when I notice that Liz at Chanel and Chocolate Cake is hosting a “What’s in My Purse” link up!  So excited.  Here we go.  The whole idea is that maybe we can glean some ideas and new products from our fellow bloggers:


  After a forever long search, I found the perfect summer purse at Cato.  Seriously, y’all – hot pink with a giant bow!  What could be better?!
2.  Hinged wallet.  I have no idea where this came from (it was a gift), but it is one of my favorite things I own.  I can cram it totally full of stuff, and it will still latch!
3.  Big sunglasses case from Vera Bradley.  I’m pretty sure this specific design isn’t available anymore, but what’s important is that it holds my giant sunglasses.
4.  Hairbrush.  A definite must for my wild mop.
5.  Little notebook.  Soon to be replaced with a Graphic Image Datebook!
6.  Pens.  The blue Bic Round Stic is my favorite.
7.  That little tiny Tupperware is full of ibuprofen.  I’m never, ever without it.
8.  All of my lip products…from left to right:  Vaseline Lip Therapy, Maybelline something or other in “Mauve,” Mary Kay lip gloss in “Fancy Nancy,” Maybelline Baby Lips (red), my usb drive (unrelated to lip products), Maybelline Super Shiny Something…in “Mango.”
9.  Steve Madden (by way of TJ Maxx) sunglasses.  They’re very dark and cover most of my face – perfect.
10.  Ice Breakers because no one wants to be that person with awful breath…ew.

     I know y’all were just dying to know what I carry around every day.  I have always thought these posts were so fun, and I hope you found a few new somethings that you’ll check out.  Of everything I listed, the sunglasses and Vaseline are probably my favorite.  I’m a pretty simple girl.

P.S.  I have several new sponsorship options!  All sizes are available for August.  Shoot me an email if you’re interested.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Lessons About Peace

     Women Living Well shared this on Facebook yesterday morning, and it was the perfect start to my day.  As you may remember my post yesterday was not quite as upbeat as things usually are around here.  I definitely expected to have a sort of bleh few days.  One, this is a terrible mindset.  Two, God thumped me right in the head heart to tell me not to be so ridiculous.
     Vain, tooth/beauty related overtones aside, this was the perfect reminder for me to not focus so much on what I expect to happen and more on what He’s promised.  Nowhere in the Bible does the Lord say that He isn’t paying attention or that our sourpuss attitudes and expectations are going to be fulfilled.  On the contrary, He promises to take care of us and fulfill His work in our lives.  What business do I have waking up expecting the day to go badly? (Answer: none) 
     Sometimes I think God allows not-so-great things to happen to show us His goodness and to strengthen us.  Other times, I think he teaches the exact same lesson by showering us with His love.  That day that I expected nothing good out of?  It was one of the most peaceful and relaxing days I’ve had all summer.  I don’t believe in coincidence.  I’m carrying this peace with me through the weekend, and I hope you do too.  I’ve definitely been learning about His peace for awhile now; days like this are so good.  What is the Lord teaching you right now?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

It’s Amazing…

     What an hour at the shooting range can do to improve your mood.  Let me just review my yesterday for you…
     I went to the dentist at 9:30 A.M.  Let me preface this by saying that I genuinely like going to the dentist (weird, I know).  It was “temporary crown day.”  Now, I generally don’t think of myself as a vain person, but when we’re dealing with front teeth not being whole it’s sort of a big deal.  Long(ish) story short, I have a crown that I really don’t like for the next two weeks until I get the permanent one.  Which had better look good!  I’ll probably get over this (I hope) in a few days, but I’m wallowing now.
     I am pointedly not showing a picture because I don’t want those floating around in the interwebs for all eternity…or you know, December if you believe the Mayans…which I don’t.
     After all this, Keith takes me to firing range.  He says it was to sight in his rifle, but I like to think it was just for me to vent.  He’s a great shot with a rifle.  I hit the target twice, and that was enough for me.  I’m a pretty good shot with a handgun.  I shot the zombie straight in the teeth.
     Also, how is it that on “insecure about my teeth day” every single television show is talking about teeth?! Bleh.  The day got much better after a Sonic lunch and some time swimming.  Another plus, after about a week of random, terribly dry skin (on my face), everything seems back to normal.  If I managed to get a little bit of a tan then I’ll chalk this day up to a not-quite loss.

     This picture is totally unrelated to the post, but it makes me smile…which is progress for this day.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is That Tacky?

I almost titled this post “Things I Want,” but I felt like that was tacky.  Either way, I have been keeping my eyes on some things that I really must have (or just kind of want).

     I have been making some serious goo-goo eyes at these necklaces for awhile now!  This particular one comes from Marinette Jewelry.  Here’s my plan:  I’m going to get one of these with my married monogram and put it on for my reception.  I read this somewhere, but I honestly can’t remember where (if it was you let me know, and I’ll link), and I thought it was the best idea.  Plus, I’m not much of a jewelry girl, but this is so understated that I think it will be perfect.

     I don’t even wear watches…and I can’t afford this one, but it’s just so cute!

     I promise, I am definitely not as fancy as this post is making me sound, but I love this!

     Obviously I don’t have to have these little cuties, but y’all have got to meet some new friends of mine!
Alexis at Christian WifeStyle

     Hi! My name is Alexis and I blog over at Christian WifeStyle! Even though I still feel like a newlywed, I have been married for three years! I love life and view every day as a gift from God! My favorite things are sunshine, spending time with Hubs and sweet tea! Not in that order. :) I'd love to have you come visit me and introduce yourself, I love meeting new blog friends!

Blog // Twitter // Facebook

Kay at Life After

     I am a wife and mama. I am FAR from a Betty Crocker or a Martha Stewart. I love to try new things in the kitchen.. my KitchenAid Mixer is my best friend - yet my husband does 90% of the meal making around here. I love spending time with my family and have an intense love for all things pink. My little boy is the light of my life and I love watching him learn and grow - I'm doing a lot of that too just by being his mama!

     Aren’t they great?  I have really enjoyed getting to work with Alexis and Kay this month, and I hope that y’all will stop by and visit them.  Besides these lovely ladies and their sweet blogs, what are some of your current must haves?  I’ll have two more for you to add to your list next week!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It’s My Party

     Happy Tuesday, lovies!  I hope the week is off to a great start for each of you.  As far as Mondays go, mine wasn’t terrible…and we’re already one day closer to the weekend!  I have a full week of posting planned, and I am excited about all of them.  First things first -

Kathie McAuliffe
for winning Cupcakes and Candy Canes’ first giveaway!

     I’ve sent your contact info to Kelsey Bang, and I hope you enjoy your adorable elephant.  Big, big, big thanks to each of you who entered.  This was a huge step for my little slice of the blogosphere, and I am so pleased with how it went. Thank you!
     Onto the real reason for this post – Keith and I now have a fully formed wedding party!  This is not huge news to me as I always knew it would be a small group, but it’s so nice to have it all decided and share it with you.  Keith will have his brother as his best man and one of his fraternity brothers as a groomsman.
     I will have my sister as my maid of honor (technically matron of honor) and my super-bestie, Tiffany, as a bridesmaid.  Tiff and I have known each other since we were three, and even though we aren’t at school together anymore, she is still one of the first one’s I call/text/whatever with news.  Plus she’s the type of friend that I can just hang out with no matter how long it’s been (and isn’t that the best kind?).  I wanted to do something a little cute to ask, especially since I hadn’t seen her in forever.


     I decided a little notebook and a frame would be perfect.  Tiffany is a really great writer, and the notebook was just too cute for words!  I almost wrote “reserved for a picture of me and my bridesmaid” in the frame, but I figured this was pretty classic.  In case you’re wondering, the notebook and the frame came from TJ Maxx.  Get this…when she opened the gift bag, she said, “I thought you weren’t having any bridesmaids!”  We haven’t talked about that in a long time, and she remembered because she knows me.  That was almost my favorite part of all of it – aside from her saying yes.
     I cannot wait to go dress shopping for them now!  I’m definitely still thinking navy blue…possibly with a nude shoe.  I’m also having lots of thoughts about cute bridesmaids gifts, but I can’t tell those to you because my sister reads this.  We’re another step closer; so excited!  Next on my list is booking a photographer and then meeting with the flower guy to really get some concrete ideas about looks and colors.  

In unrelated news…I’m ready to go to the beach.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Christmas in July

     A few of my favorite things…Christmas (…in July), fancy things, and sales.  Since I’ve been blogging, I have been turned on to so many new products and companies, and I love love love it!  You may remember a few months ago how I won my “fancy GiGi New York clutch” (yes, I still call it that).  A few days ago, I was contacted by Graphic Image (GiGi New York’s parent company) to let all of you sweeties know about their Christmas in July sale.  Today only, everything at Graphic Image, including select GiGi New York items, will be 5o% off!

Just in case you didn’t hear…5o% off!

     Take it from me – this is an incredible deal!  Their products are an incredible quality and to get them half off really does make it seem like those holiday deals have jumped up five months.  Between Graphic Image and GiGi New York, products run the gamut from notepads and jotters to coasters to guest books, travel accessories, and some of the most fabulous bags I have ever seen.  Just in case you were wondering, the envelope clutch (like mine) and the Alexa tote (my newest love) are part of the sale. 
     This is not some sort of “enter the special code,” “find the hidden button,” “tell your friends and get a rebate” sort of deal.  It is an honest to goodness, 50% off site-wide opportunity for each one of you to go treat yourselves or your friends!  I know a lot of you like to plan ahead, so if you want to really get ahead on gift buying, this is definitely for you.  I hope you find something you love!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wedding Pictures

     …I wish this post’s title was more accurate!  Of course I don’t have wedding pictures (and won’t for the next year), but since I just met with a photographer, I’m even more anxious excited everything.  Also, I just read this gem of a post over at Suzels Says (In addition to being one of my fave bloggers, Susan is also a photographer in the Virginia area.  She shared the tips on her professional photography site here), and it could not have come at a better time for me!  Once we’ve booked the photographer I will obv (that’s how I abbreviate obviously…in writing and in speech) tell you all about her.  For now, let me just say, that she was so sweet!  My mother and I met her at Starbucks to discuss all things wedding, and I feel even more like a real bride now.  She was so helpful and really seemed to have her head on straight.

Love this! via
Photo Credit
     Here are some of my must haves in the photography department:
          - Common sense!  If she walks in staring off into space and has no ability to corral people for photos that’s a deal-breaker.
          - Organization – it may seem obvious, but I would never want someone just randomly snapping shots of every little thing (however good they might be) without taking the important ones with family, friends, etc.
          - Knowledge about the field…because I have none.  I am definitely going to get a wedding album (like this).  Although she does not include this in any of her packages, the photographer knew exactly what we were talking about and said that we could in fact order through her.  If she had looked at me with a blank expression and not known what I meant I probably would have gotten up and left.
          - An open mind.  While I need the photographer to have some pretty concrete ideas, it is also so nice to be able to share inspiration (…Pinspiration) and add some more personal touches to the day.

     I love photography, but I kind of need someone holding my hand through the whole process.  Once we finalize a few details, I feel like we could have our wedding photographer nailed down, and that is so exciting to me!  Another exciting tidbit?  We’re probably going to do our engagement photos sometime within the next few months.  I am 98% sure of who is going to do those, and her work is incredible.
     This is all we have right now – snapshots.  I like them, but how fun is it going to be to take real pictures?!  As per usual, I’m already over-analyzing and trying to plan our outfits months in advance.  Ideas, tips, anything?

P.S. Don’t forget to enter my Kelsey Bang giveaway – it closes Monday!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Red Letter Day

     It is a red letter day at Cupcakes and Candy Canes!  I have been wanting to do this for awhile now, but I’ve just now gotten everything organized.  I’m hosting a giveaway with Kelsey Bang today, and it’s all in honor of all you sweeties who follow along!  I love sharing with y’all here, and I am so excited to off one of my readers a special little something for hanging around!
     If you haven’t met Kelsey yet, you should definitely stop by her blog and get to know her.  In addition to her fabo (another abbreviation – for fabulous; I learned it from my theatre teacher) blog, she has an Etsy shop where she sells some of the cutest little handmade goodies you’ve ever seen.  A few months ago, I was lucky enough to win a little ruffle pouch and a bow tie, and I’m still loving them!  In addition to pouches or clutches and bowties, she also sells some seriously adorable stuffed animals, iPad covers, wallets and bags. 

     Today, Kelsey has been kind enough to offer one of my readers possibly the cutest thing in her shop:

elephant 1-1
A Black Chevron Elephant!
elephant 2-1

     If I could win this giveaway, I so would!  Unfortunately for me, this one is all for you!  The giveaway will run from now through Monday, and you will have plenty of chances to win.  To get started on your way to being the proud owner of this little fella, check out the Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
      There you go lovies!  That’s about a billion opportunities for you!  I am so excited about this opportunity, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  I would like to give a big, big thank you to Kelsey Bang and another big thanks to all of you sweeties who hang out with me!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Fake Made This

     I know I have been really bad about telling you that I’m going to share something I’ve done or made and then taking forever to do it…while I don’t really see that changing too much, I do actually have something to share today!  A few days ago, I showed y’all a picture of my niece in an adorable (if I do say so myself) dress.  The “tutorial” isn’t really difficult at all, as per usual, so let’s just get right to it. 

Scrunchie Dress


You will need
scrunchie fabric (if you’re really industrious you can do this yourself…I bought mine)
coordinating ribbon
coordinating thread

1.  Cut fabric to length and hem.  I rolled the hem over twice so it would look more “done.”
2.  Hem the long (top to bottom) edges.
3.  Fold together longways (right sides in) and stitch together. 
     *I probably used about 1/4 in. seam allowances on all stitching,
4.  Turn right side out and marvel at how cute it already is!
5.  Cut ribbon to desired length (originally I used four pieces – to have to straps tied in bows) and stitch to top edge on the inside.
     *The bow straps didn’t work too well, so we tucked them in and used the front two to make a halter dress.

Done and done!  Della wears this with coordinating leggings because it’s pretty thin (and because they’re just cute).  All told, this project was less than $10 and took less than an hour.  Not bad.


     To make up for my lack of tutorial pictures I thought I’d let you know that this dress is perfect for rockstars too.

P.S.   I jumped on the bandwagon and created a Facebook page for my blog! Click on over and check it out!

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