Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What I Wore Sunday…on Tuesday

     I know that I rarely tell you what I’m wearing (usually this is because it’s running shorts (although I don’t run) and a fraternity shirt of Keith’s), but I was so loving my outfit from Sunday, that I had to share.  I would wear this or something similar everyday if I could.

In case you’re wondering…     
the pants and shirt both came from TJ Maxx    
and the shoes are from K-Mart…that’s right – K-Mart!   

     I’m not going to lie…taking these pictures was awkward, and you’re only getting one because apparently all I do in pictures is put my hands on my hips and cock my head to one side.  Nevertheless, this was perfect for church and will work so well in the classroom.  You’ll have to ignore the wrinkles in the shirt; it’s linen, and I’d been sitting for an hour!  You’ll also have to forgive my hair…it was feeling very free that day and refused to obey my hair spray.
     If I can think of a less awkward way to pose for pictures, you might get more of these (or you might just have to suffer the uncomfortable poses).
     FYI, this picture does not do that shirt justice!  It’s much more lime-y in person.  The shoes are a dark coral-y orange. 

     In unrelated news, is anyone else totally shocked that it’s almost August?  I feel like it was January about a week ago.  I’m not sure if I like this or not!  This is my last week of work in my last summer as a college student; I feel like I’m 100.  Happy Tuesday!


Daisy said...

You are so cute! Haha, that's pretty much all I do in pictures too.

Angie said...

Absolutely adorable shirt!

Meg {henninglove} said...

super cute outfit!! and those sandals are from k-mart they are so cute!

Jeanine Byers said...

That's a fabulous outfit! I have some outfits like that, too, that I almost wish I could wear everyday. When I notice myself feeling that way, I try to deconstruct them to figure out what I can repeat in another outfit. It's usually proportion & some kind of helpful body camouflage. :)

elise said...

newest follower from the blog hop.

stop by sometime!

Megan said...

You look adorable! Love the top!

Nicholl Vincent said...

love that shirt!

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