Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wedding Pictures

     …I wish this post’s title was more accurate!  Of course I don’t have wedding pictures (and won’t for the next year), but since I just met with a photographer, I’m even more anxious excited everything.  Also, I just read this gem of a post over at Suzels Says (In addition to being one of my fave bloggers, Susan is also a photographer in the Virginia area.  She shared the tips on her professional photography site here), and it could not have come at a better time for me!  Once we’ve booked the photographer I will obv (that’s how I abbreviate obviously…in writing and in speech) tell you all about her.  For now, let me just say, that she was so sweet!  My mother and I met her at Starbucks to discuss all things wedding, and I feel even more like a real bride now.  She was so helpful and really seemed to have her head on straight.

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     Here are some of my must haves in the photography department:
          - Common sense!  If she walks in staring off into space and has no ability to corral people for photos that’s a deal-breaker.
          - Organization – it may seem obvious, but I would never want someone just randomly snapping shots of every little thing (however good they might be) without taking the important ones with family, friends, etc.
          - Knowledge about the field…because I have none.  I am definitely going to get a wedding album (like this).  Although she does not include this in any of her packages, the photographer knew exactly what we were talking about and said that we could in fact order through her.  If she had looked at me with a blank expression and not known what I meant I probably would have gotten up and left.
          - An open mind.  While I need the photographer to have some pretty concrete ideas, it is also so nice to be able to share inspiration (…Pinspiration) and add some more personal touches to the day.

     I love photography, but I kind of need someone holding my hand through the whole process.  Once we finalize a few details, I feel like we could have our wedding photographer nailed down, and that is so exciting to me!  Another exciting tidbit?  We’re probably going to do our engagement photos sometime within the next few months.  I am 98% sure of who is going to do those, and her work is incredible.
     This is all we have right now – snapshots.  I like them, but how fun is it going to be to take real pictures?!  As per usual, I’m already over-analyzing and trying to plan our outfits months in advance.  Ideas, tips, anything?

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Megan said...

Ahhhhh, so exciting!!! I remember totally stressing about what to wear in our pictures! Haha! It's so fun getting professional pictures taken!!

Niki said...

Getting married is so exciting - and I personally think having your pictures taken is the best part!!!! Engagement photos are SO much fun - you will love every second of it!


Maddie @ Thriftary said...

Wedding photos are the BEST. And there are so many options today! Have a blast picking out what will work for you. You will cherish them forever. So exciting. Also excited to have found your blog :)

Jenny said...

Hey! I found you through Something Charming. Great post! As a photographer I can't but help weighing in on a couple of things though.
It's a really good idea to SEE sample albums your photographer has done. It's one thing for them to SAY they can do them, the layout is an art form in itself. Trust me, I spend hours and hours on these babies.
Also, I highly recommend having the same photographer do your engagement and wedding photos. Engagement shoots are a great time to get used to working with your photographer AND if for some reason you don't like how they turn out or don't enjoy working with the photographer, you still have time to find someone else for the wedding.

Sorry for all the unsolicited advice, I just think everyone deserves to have the best photos possible! I have a TON of wedding photo and other wedding related advice on my blog too!