Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is That Tacky?

I almost titled this post “Things I Want,” but I felt like that was tacky.  Either way, I have been keeping my eyes on some things that I really must have (or just kind of want).

     I have been making some serious goo-goo eyes at these necklaces for awhile now!  This particular one comes from Marinette Jewelry.  Here’s my plan:  I’m going to get one of these with my married monogram and put it on for my reception.  I read this somewhere, but I honestly can’t remember where (if it was you let me know, and I’ll link), and I thought it was the best idea.  Plus, I’m not much of a jewelry girl, but this is so understated that I think it will be perfect.

     I don’t even wear watches…and I can’t afford this one, but it’s just so cute!

     I promise, I am definitely not as fancy as this post is making me sound, but I love this!

     Obviously I don’t have to have these little cuties, but y’all have got to meet some new friends of mine!
Alexis at Christian WifeStyle

     Hi! My name is Alexis and I blog over at Christian WifeStyle! Even though I still feel like a newlywed, I have been married for three years! I love life and view every day as a gift from God! My favorite things are sunshine, spending time with Hubs and sweet tea! Not in that order. :) I'd love to have you come visit me and introduce yourself, I love meeting new blog friends!

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Kay at Life After

     I am a wife and mama. I am FAR from a Betty Crocker or a Martha Stewart. I love to try new things in the kitchen.. my KitchenAid Mixer is my best friend - yet my husband does 90% of the meal making around here. I love spending time with my family and have an intense love for all things pink. My little boy is the light of my life and I love watching him learn and grow - I'm doing a lot of that too just by being his mama!

     Aren’t they great?  I have really enjoyed getting to work with Alexis and Kay this month, and I hope that y’all will stop by and visit them.  Besides these lovely ladies and their sweet blogs, what are some of your current must haves?  I’ll have two more for you to add to your list next week!


Katie said...

i love those monogrammed necklaces!!

Mrs in Training said...

I am seeing those mongrammed necklaces pop up everywhere and I have GOT to get my hands on one!! So cute.

Meg {henninglove} said...

that watch is so cute and what a sweet idea to put the necklace with your new initials on at your reception love that idea!