Monday, July 30, 2012

If You Really Knew Me

     I know everybody has done one of these, and even though I’m a little late getting to it, I really liked the idea of the post. 

If you really knew me…

you would know that I am not as sweet as I may seem on here.  I have a sarcastic streak a mile wide, and I am quick to snap back .  Defensive and sassy is my go-to in tough situations.  This probably isn’t my best quality, and it is always something I’m working on.

you would know that I am the world’s worst at remembering to take pictures.  Total. Fail.

you would know that I say I don’t care what people think about me…but I do…but I don’t…but I can’t make up my mind.

you would know I plan out everything in my head: my day, blog posts, conversations (…I know), semesters, the future…I’m nuts.  I know.  I don’t even plan in broad strokes or what I like; it’s down to the specifics.

you would know I carry all my tension in my shoulders…and I don’t even have a stressful life!

you would know that I have taste out of my budget…it’s a curse.

you would know that I laugh at all my own jokes.

you would know I think I’m a lot craftier than I actually am, but I’m getting better.

you would know how much I overanalyze.  You would then likely tell me that I’m a super-nut.

     I am sure there is a ton more I could tell you, but how would I ever fit it into one post…I hope each one of you had an incredible weekend.  Mine was fabulous.  You don’t know laughter until you hear a two-year-old tell someone, “When it’s Christmas time; when it’s snowy time…then you can have a love.”  I’ll be back tomorrow with a “What I Wore Wednesday Sunday (on Tuesday).”

Sooooo relaxing.


Daisy said...

Haha, you can't make up your mind just like me :) Hehe, I laugh at my jokes too.

Nikki said...

I'm a planner to! I'm lost without my day planner!

Jamie said...

I have had one of these in my drafts folder for like 3 weeks. I need to just get it wrapped up and hit publish already! :)

You are right. I would never believe that you are sarcastic and sassy from reading your blog. I was definitely convinced that you are super super sweet. :)

Ariel Tyler said...

This is such a fun series floating around. Sassy/ sarcastic/ are my go to traits, too. :) I enjoyed reading your answers!