Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It’s My Party

     Happy Tuesday, lovies!  I hope the week is off to a great start for each of you.  As far as Mondays go, mine wasn’t terrible…and we’re already one day closer to the weekend!  I have a full week of posting planned, and I am excited about all of them.  First things first -

Kathie McAuliffe
for winning Cupcakes and Candy Canes’ first giveaway!

     I’ve sent your contact info to Kelsey Bang, and I hope you enjoy your adorable elephant.  Big, big, big thanks to each of you who entered.  This was a huge step for my little slice of the blogosphere, and I am so pleased with how it went. Thank you!
     Onto the real reason for this post – Keith and I now have a fully formed wedding party!  This is not huge news to me as I always knew it would be a small group, but it’s so nice to have it all decided and share it with you.  Keith will have his brother as his best man and one of his fraternity brothers as a groomsman.
     I will have my sister as my maid of honor (technically matron of honor) and my super-bestie, Tiffany, as a bridesmaid.  Tiff and I have known each other since we were three, and even though we aren’t at school together anymore, she is still one of the first one’s I call/text/whatever with news.  Plus she’s the type of friend that I can just hang out with no matter how long it’s been (and isn’t that the best kind?).  I wanted to do something a little cute to ask, especially since I hadn’t seen her in forever.


     I decided a little notebook and a frame would be perfect.  Tiffany is a really great writer, and the notebook was just too cute for words!  I almost wrote “reserved for a picture of me and my bridesmaid” in the frame, but I figured this was pretty classic.  In case you’re wondering, the notebook and the frame came from TJ Maxx.  Get this…when she opened the gift bag, she said, “I thought you weren’t having any bridesmaids!”  We haven’t talked about that in a long time, and she remembered because she knows me.  That was almost my favorite part of all of it – aside from her saying yes.
     I cannot wait to go dress shopping for them now!  I’m definitely still thinking navy blue…possibly with a nude shoe.  I’m also having lots of thoughts about cute bridesmaids gifts, but I can’t tell those to you because my sister reads this.  We’re another step closer; so excited!  Next on my list is booking a photographer and then meeting with the flower guy to really get some concrete ideas about looks and colors.  

In unrelated news…I’m ready to go to the beach.

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The Pink Growl said...

Such a cute way to ask to be your bridesmaid. I just asked my girls and I think most of them already assumed their roles. I wish I would have done something cute and official though! I think we are finalizing our venue this week so I'm really excited about that!