Friday, July 20, 2012

Lessons About Peace

     Women Living Well shared this on Facebook yesterday morning, and it was the perfect start to my day.  As you may remember my post yesterday was not quite as upbeat as things usually are around here.  I definitely expected to have a sort of bleh few days.  One, this is a terrible mindset.  Two, God thumped me right in the head heart to tell me not to be so ridiculous.
     Vain, tooth/beauty related overtones aside, this was the perfect reminder for me to not focus so much on what I expect to happen and more on what He’s promised.  Nowhere in the Bible does the Lord say that He isn’t paying attention or that our sourpuss attitudes and expectations are going to be fulfilled.  On the contrary, He promises to take care of us and fulfill His work in our lives.  What business do I have waking up expecting the day to go badly? (Answer: none) 
     Sometimes I think God allows not-so-great things to happen to show us His goodness and to strengthen us.  Other times, I think he teaches the exact same lesson by showering us with His love.  That day that I expected nothing good out of?  It was one of the most peaceful and relaxing days I’ve had all summer.  I don’t believe in coincidence.  I’m carrying this peace with me through the weekend, and I hope you do too.  I’ve definitely been learning about His peace for awhile now; days like this are so good.  What is the Lord teaching you right now?


Niki said...

I completely agree. He is always watching and every moment has a reason. This was so uplifting to read, thank you for sharing :)

Naptime Review said...

Great post on peace...

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