Saturday, September 22, 2018

Dear Grant–5 Months

     I am flying in on two wheels with this update, but you are FIVE MONTHS OLD (for a few more days)! Looking back, I was really late for Davis’s five month update too…maybe this is just the time when I get behind. You are so sweet this month – still just a good, mellow, happy baby. Your personality is growing a little more every day, and I have loved getting to know you.


     I cannot say enough how dreamy you are. You almost never cry, and when you do it’s really more of a little whine. You are an expert sitter now and are loving playing with toys. You tolerate your jumper and give us a little bounce every once in awhile. We started food this month and were not surprised to discover that you love eating. You’ve tried just about everything…except carrots (Davis didn’t have a great experience with them, and I’m terrified). You love rice cereal and oatmeal.

     You almost never spit up (much) anymore. Praise. Sleeping without the swaddle is going so well! You still just roll right over, and we don’t really hear from you…maybe once for a paci plug, but sometimes not even that…except for that one night two weeks ago when you stayed awake for an hour and a half…thanks for that.

     You’ve been so giggly lately, and Davis can really get you going. I think I’ve seen a hint of some dimples too…fingers crossed! You’ve sprouted a few new hairs this month, and they look a little wavy…but I thought that about Davis too. A mom can hope. The only downside to the month has been a yucky cough (thanks West Tennessee weather) and your poor eczema. It’s worse than Davis’s was. Hopefully at your next appointment we can get a topical.

Davis always wants to jump in with you.

     You are definitely in a routine (winning), but I can feel you starting to want more of a nap schedule. The getting there won’t be fun, but once we’re there it will be so worth it. I’m hoping to get you on more of a meal schedule in the next month or so as well. Now that we’ve cycled through most of the baby foods, we can start having more than one kind per day. Around this time is when Davis chunked up super fast…I’m obviously hoping for more of the same!


I’m ready for cooler weather for a number of reasons…but a baby in a sleeper is near the top!

Length: Bigger…you feel so long to me!
Weight: Bigger…you feel so huge to me!
Head: Bigger…it’s one of the first things people notice.
Eating: 6 oz. every 3 hours, 7 in the morning and at night…and if you go longer than 3 hours…with cereal in the morning and food with cereal in the evening
Sleeping: 7:00/7:30 – 6:00ish with two or three naps plus sometimes a little catnap in the evening

     You have started to find your voice lately, and it’s so sweet. You squeal and shout and laugh a lot. If you’re anything like Davis you’ll be talking by next week. I cannot believe we’re closing in on half a year…it’s too much to bear!

IMG_1169[1]  IMG_1171[1]  IMG_1173[1]
IMG_1174[1]  IMG_1179[1]  IMG_1172[1]
I’m a sucker for a monthly picture lineup.

IMG_2099_thumb[3]  IMG_1181[1]
People swear you and Davis are twins…but I know better.

IMG_0406  IMG_0617[1]  IMG_0786[1]
IMG_0951[1]  IMG_1168[1]
Oh my darling. You are so precious to me.