Thursday, January 3, 2019

Dear Grant–8 Months

     I’m still behind but catching up! You are 8 months old and loving life!  You are in such a great routine these days. You’re still so agreeable and up for just about anything. Thanksgiving, Christmas decorating, all.the.errands – you’re here for it.


     November started with a quick check up for your feet. You have had zero problems since our hospital stay, and we have been so diligent with your skin care. We also settled in to the holiday season – lots of time together and lots of matching brother pajamas. We were so busy (obviously) with Thanksgiving and the start of Christmas that I felt like we barely had a moment to rest, but I always love seeing my babies experience the holidays. This year did not disappoint!

We love crinkly paper…and your three curls.

     I always get a little nervous on big holidays because I know your schedule will be all kinds of crazy, but you went with the flow so well. Thanksgiving made for a long day, but you hung in there like a champ! You did not, however, enjoy the sweet potatoes I tried to feed you…

     Between hand-me-downs, Granny, and me, you ended up with soooo many Christmas pajamas, and we busted them out at the first of the month! Christmas waits for no one!

It has been so important to Davis that you two wear matching pajamas as often as possible, and I always oblige.

Being held (a lot)
Going and doing

Puffs are your love language.

Length: Giant
Weight: Surely 20 lb. by now
Head: Not small
Eating: 8 oz. every 3 hours, with food and cereal in the morning and at night
Sleeping: 7:00/7:30 – 6:00ish with two or three naps

IMG_1896[1]  IMG_1897[1]  IMG_1900[1]
IMG_1903[1]  IMG_1922[1]  IMG_1905[1]

You are so fun!

IMG_2417  IMG_1908[1]
People keep telling me you look just alike…but I know better.

IMG_0406IMG_0617[1]IMG_0786[1]IMG_0951[1] IMG_1168[1]IMG_13101_thumb3_thumb[4]IMG_1686[1]_thumb[8]IMG_1913[1]
What a handsome turkey you are!