Sunday, December 17, 2017

First Trimester Faves: Round Two

     I am very.very.very late with this. As in...starting the third trimester in a few weeks. But I want to remember this time. I talked about finding out last time...still kind of weird for me. I am an over-planner, over-thinker, over-analyzer, and that two week wait after THE "two week wait" was brutal. I was totally convinced there was something wrong with me (aside from the obvious mental problems...).
     Nevertheless, here we are closing in on the third trimester in spite of the four week wait, the first trimester anxiety, the desperate need for carbs, and all the other pleasantries of the first few weeks of pregnancy.
     Similar to when I was pregnant with Davis, I felt weird about telling people. Maybe it's the squealing, maybe it's the "knowing" looks people give you. I was going to keep things to myself until after the first trimester, but scheduling appointments and dodging questions proved a little too much, so my grade level and principal knew at about eight weeks. I did wait to tell the rest of the staff until after the first trimester - donuts for everybody!

Although this was taken in the first trimester, you are not seeing a baby bump. That is, in fact, a food baby from the massive amounts of seafood I had just eaten. Also, on my face is the mania of that Dollar General pregnancy test drama.

How far along?  Currently 25 weeks...but everything else will be about the first trimester.

How big is baby?  Cauliflower!

Gender?  We know! Buuuutttttt I'll wait until my second trimester post to tell about that!

Sleep?  First trimester sleep was no problem. As in I wanted to sleep all the time. I had a few weeks of C.R.A.Z.Y. dreams, but falling asleep and staying asleep were nothing. 

Maternity clothes?  I made it through those first weeks on the rubber band trick although, #spoileralert, it did not last as long this time. I did pull out my maternity camisoles pretty quickly because #comfy.

Symptoms?  I was achier this time. Maybe I was just more aware of it, but I was crampy early on...and sometimes stabby! My skin instantly did terrible things again. I'm like a teenager over here. My hair was weird for awhile. ANXIETY. I don't know if it's a pregnancy thing or a me thing, but the entire first trimester has me wrecked. I remember that with Davis so clearly and was hoping it would be better this time. It.Was.Not. Now that I'm giant and feeling lots of kicks, I'm obviously much better, but this is a weak area for me and there was/is a lot of praying done in those weeks (and now).

Movement?  I was hoping to feel it earlier, but no such luck.

Wedding rings on or off?  Still on! 

Cravings or aversions?  All carbs. Potato chips. Olives. Pickles. Basically anything salty or carby or processed. 

What I miss?  My normal complexion. I know it's vain, but being pregnant sometimes just makes you feel like a big gross teenager. Shiny. Moody. Spotty. Unpleasant. 

Best moment?  The end of the first trimester...also hearing the heartbeat every time! And I will never forget finding out.

Friday, November 24, 2017

McGuire Party of Four

     Was my post title too vague? WE ARE HAVING A BABY! We are so excited about this sweet new bundle set to arrive in March! The front bedroom has been cleared (mostly), and Keith set up the crib the other day. Davis is so excited, and we are right there with him!

     Being pregnant again has been so similar and so different, and I am so thankful to get to do this again. Similar to with Davis, our first ultrasound dated us behind what we originally thought (by ten days this time), so my due date is set at March 26...we'll see. The start of this road however...not the same. Not. At. All.

     Because I'm an over-planning control freak, I was obsessively counting down the days until I could take a test. I don't know if I've shared this or not, but the Lord has been working on my patience for the past thousand several years. I obviously haven't learned it the way He wants just yet. When I tested the first time at 4 weeks and 1 day, it was a hard no. I was really disappointed, and when I was still in limbo 5 days later, I tested again...another hard no.

     This was all the week before we went to the beach with my family. This kind of uncertainty is not what you want right before a beach trip... Y'all, the beach is one of my favorite places on the face of the earth, and I was loving it, but sooooo preoccupied. Halfway through the week (and 8 days after my last test), Keith and I swung into the Dollar General after dinner and bought the last $1 test they had...big spender.

     It was the kind where you're supposed to use a dropper and check the little window (overshare, but this is for posterity...and to remind me to settle the heck down). Y'all, I needed to know before I walked out of the Dollar General, and the test was NOT giving me the promised results in one minute. So there in the DG bathroom, I broke the test open to see if the lines were just hiding somewhere else on the strip. And because my name is Allyson, it kiiiiind of looked like two lines, but also kind of like a hot mess. So baaaaaack to the test aisle for a more traditional stick variety, and back to our house where I smuggled the tests in.

     After we all went our separate ways for bed, I crept out to test, and it was the most instant, plain yes you've ever seen. I told Keith, "That's the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life." Aaaaaand just for good measure I tested again first thing in the morning before I told everybody over breakfast.

     Early days were verrrry similar to Davis, not a ton of symptoms, and when they were there they were very off and on. Lots of anxiety. Lots of craving olives and pickles. Nothing like pregnancy to keep you on your toes (and on your couch).

     I'm hoping to document about as much as I did with Davis, and now that I'm wellllll into the second trimester I should probably get on that. We know what we're having. We know a name. We are so excited! (Did I mention that part already?!)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Day in the Life: Photo Every Hour

     Last week was fall break, so in addition to being a regular human, I also managed to remember this blog! I love Day in the Life posts, and in the sporadic six (what?!) years that I've been blogging I've never done one. I chose a fall break day because even though it wasn't "normal," I actually stood a chance of remembering to take pictures.


     It is a rare treat for Davis to sleep past 6:00. I think he can sense me as soon as my feet hit the floor...but he must have known it was fall break because he slept in every day #praisehands. He wakes up ready to go, but I require a few minutes with my quilt...and apparently Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (always).

     What is wrong with me that it took an hour to get my coffee?! Not normal. But this mug, y'all. It was a gift from my sister, and I could not love it more. Luke and Lorelai forever.


     I finally broke away from the couch ( to pay some bills and check email. Davis spent a little time watching TV and actually playing! He's been so much better lately about playing in his room. I don't even care that it apparently requires him to dump out every single toy he owns...


     Still working...still coloring...still ignoring the junk I need to clean off the table. Most of it is Davis's art from school. I've got to find a way to sort and store it.


     Laundry. All the laundry. Also, the vacuum was not out to vacuum. I use it for killing bugs. I've been known to miss with a shoe, but I can suck a spider up in that hose with 100% accuracy. We've had a ton of granddaddy long legs lately...ew.


     Davis has been having a ton of picnics lately. He's also obsessed with Mickey's Monster Musical (or Castle Mickey).


     Nap time is the perfect time for me to watch a little show and get in a few steps. This week I got totally sucked in to those Food Network Halloween baking shows and Beat Bobby Flay! What in the world? I typically only watch Food Network for The Pioneer Woman and Trisha (although I did love Emeril and Iron Chef back in the day), but I couldn't stop myself this week.


     Is there anything better than a clean kitchen and a fall candle? I got another Pumpkin Waffle candle that I raved about last year. They are only FIVE DOLLARS! A few years ago they had a peppermint that was perfect for January...I'll keep an eye out for it. They're still back in the cleaning section of Walmart. YES! Walmart!


     He woke up so happy! He did not get that from me...although the promise of a snack may have had something to do with it.
     Davis took a little break from playing to read There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat. I love rotating some of his books seasonally, and he gets so excited for new things to read! Also...yes, I am still in my pajamas because fall break.


     Two pictures for this hour because the one of just meatballs wasn't as appetizing. I did a little dinner prep for this recipe that I've had pinned for awhile now. Mine wasn't Whole30 because I didn't have almond flour (or arrowroot), but it still turned out okay. We did ours with egg noodles instead of mashed potatoes, and we all liked it for dinner and leftovers. I think next time I'll just do a regular meatball (I have a recipe I like better) and use this recipe for the sauce.


     Finally dressed with make up on! I had a parent meeting at Davis's daycare, and I didn't think it was appropriate to go in pajamas. I was so pleased with my mom hair today. Every once in awhile my topknots really show up...and every other time they lay down and give up. It's probably reflective of my personality...

     Apparently the hour or so after my meeting until bedtime wasn't that eventful because I didn't take a single picture. We ate dinner. Y'all probably know what that looks like.


     Bedtime routine: potty, brush teeth, pray, sing, bed. Davis has always gone down really easily. It's why he's my favorite. Side note: I still love his cute little tail in pajamas. Can't stop won't stop.


     A tree makes everything cozier. I'm kind of sad that there will be a short break in my twinkle light game between Halloween and Christmas... I looked all over town for plain orange ornaments, and could not find any anywhere! I need a little more filler for my tree. I don't want anything too Halloween-y; I'm really more into understated decor...

still 8:30

     I went to Kroger the other day with the sole purpose of buying Count Chocula (because health is really important to me), but they didn't have any. Soooo...I pouted for a minute and then listened to my inner child and left with this instead. It did not disappoint!

     After this Keith and I watched a few shows and were asleep by 9:30. We're party animals. Seriously though, I used to love staying up late when I was in middle and high school, but now you couldn't pay me to stay up past 10:00.

     Not the most exciting day and definitely not normal, but fall break was exactly the rest I needed after a whirlwind first quarter at school. The second quarter always flies by, but I'm hoping to be back more often between now and Christmas!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Life Lately: Extra Late Edition

     Three months...I would say that's probably a new record for me...but I really don't think it is. Oooohhhh well. I'm back (for now). We've lived a lot of life lately. We've had our fair share of couch time too, but I digress. I've got so many different things to write about, and I'm not sure if I want to just toss it all out at once or be a good blogger and divide it into individual posts. Decisions. I'll go with my typical m.o. and just start typing and see where we end up. 

     A few weeks ago we went to our town's International Food and Art Festival and had the best time! I didn't even know this was a thing until one of Keith's work friends mentioned it. There was a parade with each participating country in traditional clothes and tents set up with crafts and food. We had food from Japan, Honduras, the Philippines, and Brazil.
     Davis was mostly really sweet, and we only had to make a mad dash across downtown for the port-a-potty twice...#pottytraining #mamasknow.

     I feel like a have a handle on a lot of mom things, but going to big events makes me feel so scattered! I left absolutely exhausted...but so happy for a day with my boys!

     Before we left, we scooted down a side street to grab a few pictures. I've been living here my entire life, and I had no idea there was such cute building art!   

     If that wasn't busy enough, we had a Sunday School fellowship that night at the pumpkin patch. I didn't get a ton of pictures, but I did snap a few cute ones of Davis. He loved the pumpkins and had plenty of opinions about which ones we should bring home.

Last year and this year.

He stayed in this wagon for a hot second before he wanted to climb out and pull it himself. Busy.

     This time of year we, but I am so thankful to carve out times and memories like this! Davis still talks about the pumpkin patch (or "pumpkin patty") and asked about the parade just the other day. He really is starting to remember the fun things we do, and that makes it even more special. Thankfully we have plenty more to do this fall/winter, and I cannot wait. What have you been up to lately? Any fun fall activities I should be doing?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dear Davis - 2 Years

     Well, Bud, I’ve put it off for a month and a half now, but you’re definitely TWO! We’ve already celebrated you (and continue to celebrate you, but I wanted to remember all of your two-year-old stats.
     It’s been a busy month for you! You went to Vacation Bible School, you partied, you got a new baby cousin, and you’ve spent a lot of quality time with Mama – we love summer! Over the past year you have grown in every way. You are bigger and stronger and smarter than ever, and we love watching you grow.

     When people talk about you, the first thing they usually say is what a good talker you are…and they are not wrong. You talk all the time. I got an email the other day that said a child your age might know up to 70 words, and I laughed out loud. You know approximately 10,564,809,464 words and are learning more every day!
     You ask a lot of questions and expect an answer every time. You still love to read, and are getting so good at “reading” the books on your own. I’ve been saying since you were born that you’re really intense. All of your feelings are wide-open 100%, and it’s still true. There is not much in between with you, and when you decide you want to do something, you go all out. (Currently your efforts are focused on jumping into pools…)

Summertime is for playing outside, getting sweaty, and lots of baths!
Running and Jumping
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Length: 35 in. (50-75th percentile)
Weight: 28 lb.(50th percentile)
Head: 95th percentile
Eating: Like a toddler – everything or nothing. When you’re in the mood you love green beans, pasta, cheese, fruit of ALL kinds, and pretty much anything else.
Sleeping: Welllll…you get out of bed before 6 almost every day and come to our room. But you’re a good sleeper and a great napper. Early to bed, early to rise always.

When we told you that you could go out in the rain, you got SO excited!

Why play in the yard when you can sit with Mama and eat graham crackers?

First snow cone date - success!

Orange for you, wedding cake for me.

     Davis Malcolm, you are THE BEST part of our family, and we love you so much! I will never get tired of being your mama. Seeing you learn and grow is so fun and sweet and rewarding. Your big personality blesses me (and challenges me) in the best way. I cannot wait to see what kind of fun we’ll get into in year TWO!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Go Davis Go

     I don’t know how it’s possible, but Davis is TWO! We are six days post-birthday, and I’ve never seen a more two-year-old two-year-old. He has so much personality and so much energy and so very much sass. We love him so much and had the BEST time celebrating him last weekend with our family. We were able to have the party outside on our back deck, and it was so FUN!

     We went with a Go Dogs Go theme because it is a major favorite right now. I tried not to go too much into a car theme or dog theme, and I love how it turned out!


     I printed off every Instagram print of Davis from the past year to make some fun displays. I thought I might find a fun banner or bunting in my colors that I could hang them on like I did last year but no such luck. I bought all the scrapbook paper (on the table) thinking I would make a banner, but then my (hero) mother found those tissue paper pom pom garlands at DOLLAR TREE. Done and done. I also hung two strands of twine vertically in another window and clippped pictures to those…but they didn’t photograph very well.



     We did basically the same food as last year, but of course I color coordinated the fruit (#becauseobviously). The idea with the green frosting was to make it sort of like the dog party at the end of the book…but I can never get food coloring to do quite right.


     Present time was a big deal this year. I think Davis got one of every single kind of outside toy on Earth. He is going to have such a fun summer!  He is good to go on tools and trucks and sporting gear of any kind! Parties are a little overwhelming for kids, but I have loved getting to see him rediscover each of his gifts over the past few days.


     This leaf blower was a last-minute thing I picked up and ended up being such a hit! He ran through the entire bottle of bubbles right away.

IMG_4878[1]  IMG_4881[1]  IMG_4883[1]

     Apparently that face plant is just how Davis eats cupcakes at this point in his life. I’ve seen him do it three or four times now. So funny!


     We love Davis Malcolm so very much, and it is one of my greatest joys as a mother to see people love on him! His party was just a perfect (albeit tiring) day full of love and fun. Davis loves seeing all his people and was so sweet to everyone. Any sadness at seeing my baby grow up is way overshadowed by the joy of seeing him come into his own! We are going to the doctor on Monday, and then I’ll be back to share a little update on him…and just in case you think this kind of photo-op is, in any way, true to life…




This is much more our speed. A healthy dose of defiance and “bye, y’all!”

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Momming Ain’t Easy

     “Momming ain’t easy” – the phrase that launched 1,000 t-shirts (and mugs and lettered signs and totes and instagram posts).  As I sit here with my lukewarm coffee (because I couldn’t get to it this morning) and my recorded shows (because I couldn’t watch them live), I’m reminded in the smallest way that “momming ain’t easy.” 

     It’s waking up impossibly early because when else can you look your husband in the face without a certain small someone demanding all.the.things. It’s hiding your face when your toddler does something so terrible (that’s also hilarious). It’s drawing the line between terrible and hilarious and watching your toddler jump over it, stomp it, walk on it, and laugh. It’s reciting Little Blue Truck from memory 572,156,985 times. It’s the joy in seeing your baby run to you after a long day at work. It’s the heartbreak of knowing that you don’t have it all together and the desperate hope that your failures won’t be what shape his little heart.


          We have these days. We have these moments. We have this time. And it’s fleeting. Is it any wonder we’re so exhausted all the time? We’re doing everything we can to do as much as we can to do the best we can because we don’t get this back. We will always be moms, but we don’t always have this. That’s “momming.” That desperate feeling that’s a sort of mix of joy and fear and happiness and most of all love. Thinking of someone else from the minute your eyes open until they drift closed in the middle of that show you thought you would make it through.


     Motherhood is the best gift and the most challenging role. We know our babies like no one else on this earth, but we have to watch them grow into their own. Sometimes it’s the most rewarding thing I could ever imagine! That beautiful little boy who is so funny and smart and independent is really mine, and I get the joy of teaching him! Other times it’s the scariest thing I’ve ever done. That wild little boy who is so loud and willfull and independent is really mine, and I get the job of disciplining him!

     We don’t get to separate our role into joy and fear. We claim it all and lay it at the feet of Jesus because He is the only One who can take this job and redeem our efforts. We aren’t doing this alone because He has equipped us with a team. We have husbands and sisters and mothers of our own. We have friends and leaders and mentors. We have resources of every kind, but most of all we have the Holy Spirit who empowers us and enables us and upholds us.

     I am so thankful that I don’t have to take on this task alone. My best efforts as a mother are absolute failure apart from Him. I am blessed beyond measure that this walk that is motherhood and life is not mine to do alone. I can “take captive every thought (and day and effort and failure) and make it obedient to Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5). That is what He desires from me, that I take my whole life, motherhood included, and lay it at His feet as a sacrifice. A day to honor mothers is a beautiful thing, but how much more beautiful that we honor the Lord with our calling as mothers?

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May Days

     I was going to title this “Life…and All Those Other Things I Can’t Fit In During May,” but that looked a little cluttered in the title bar.  My other option “Mayday…Because I’m Actual Chaos Right Now,” was a little much as well.  In fact the only reason I’m sitting and typing is because I’ve got an unexpected day off with a fevery Davis, and he’s asleep (hopefully for another hour). I hate having a sicky baby, and I hate taking off work, but I’m learning to let go sort of.

     What better way to celebrate my return than with a giant photo dump? Shamelessly pulled from Instagram and the depths of my phone? I’ve got you right here!

IMG_4589  IMG_4595

     We had such a fun Book Fair and Art Show night at my school! It was community helper themed, so we had helicopters and police cars and fire trucks, and Davis was in Heaven! The only downside is that now anytime we swing by the school he thinks he’s going to see the “biiiiiig tractor.”


     When you have a long week, there’s just something about pizza in the driveway that makes it all better. Obviously I didn’t go as footloose and fancy free as Davis, but it did start the weekend off nicely!


     In other news, Davis has taken over security for the church. If you need any assistance, just flag him down.

IMG_4720  IMG_4723

     We’re having a major sunglasses moment. Sometimes upside down…sometimes right side up.  Sometimes inside…sometimes outside.  I love it. The boy does not lack personality.


     But today we’re here. Snuggling and sleeping. I don’t get these moments very often, but when I do I soak them up. We have these days, and then they’re gone, and I want every bit of love out of them I can get. Laundry can wait. Work can wait. Those crumbs can wait. This won’t wait, so I’m grabbing it.