McGuire Party of Four

     Was my post title too vague? WE ARE HAVING A BABY! We are so excited about this sweet new bundle set to arrive in March! The front bedroom has been cleared (mostly), and Keith set up the crib the other day. Davis is so excited, and we are right there with him!

     Being pregnant again has been so similar and so different, and I am so thankful to get to do this again. Similar to with Davis, our first ultrasound dated us behind what we originally thought (by ten days this time), so my due date is set at March 26...we'll see. The start of this road however...not the same. Not. At. All.

     Because I'm an over-planning control freak, I was obsessively counting down the days until I could take a test. I don't know if I've shared this or not, but the Lord has been working on my patience for the past thousand several years. I obviously haven't learned it the way He wants just yet. When I tested the first time at 4 weeks and 1 day, it was a hard no. I was really disappointed, and when I was still in limbo 5 days later, I tested again...another hard no.

     This was all the week before we went to the beach with my family. This kind of uncertainty is not what you want right before a beach trip... Y'all, the beach is one of my favorite places on the face of the earth, and I was loving it, but sooooo preoccupied. Halfway through the week (and 8 days after my last test), Keith and I swung into the Dollar General after dinner and bought the last $1 test they had...big spender.

     It was the kind where you're supposed to use a dropper and check the little window (overshare, but this is for posterity...and to remind me to settle the heck down). Y'all, I needed to know before I walked out of the Dollar General, and the test was NOT giving me the promised results in one minute. So there in the DG bathroom, I broke the test open to see if the lines were just hiding somewhere else on the strip. And because my name is Allyson, it kiiiiind of looked like two lines, but also kind of like a hot mess. So baaaaaack to the test aisle for a more traditional stick variety, and back to our house where I smuggled the tests in.

     After we all went our separate ways for bed, I crept out to test, and it was the most instant, plain yes you've ever seen. I told Keith, "That's the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life." Aaaaaand just for good measure I tested again first thing in the morning before I told everybody over breakfast.

     Early days were verrrry similar to Davis, not a ton of symptoms, and when they were there they were very off and on. Lots of anxiety. Lots of craving olives and pickles. Nothing like pregnancy to keep you on your toes (and on your couch).

     I'm hoping to document about as much as I did with Davis, and now that I'm wellllll into the second trimester I should probably get on that. We know what we're having. We know a name. We are so excited! (Did I mention that part already?!)

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