Red, White, and ONE

     Well y’all…Davis is one.  He turned one on June 2nd, and we celebrated in style that Saturday.  I got the idea for his theme from my sister, and it turned out better than I hoped!  We had originally planned to party on our newly screened (thanks, Keith!) back porch, but 16540648% humidity and a high rain chance moved us in…boo.

     We loved celebrating Davis regardless of the weather, and I will look back on his party with a happy heart always.  Now let’s get to those pictures!

IMG_0203I loved looking at all of his monthly pictures side by side.  I feel like he really started looking like himself around month 9.

IMG_0216IMG_0223I used some things I already had and a lot of things we got on Memorial Day sales.

     Food was very simple: chips and dip, chips and salsa, fruit, vegetables, and cupcakes (from a box…#badmom).  To be honest, the cupcakes could have come from a dumpster, and Davis would have still eaten them.  He shoveled the entire thing in, laughing the whole time!

IMG_0221No time to be photographed…#allcupcakeallthetime

IMG_0215This is my favorite picture of the day!

     Davis got the sweetest gifts, and is already loving playing with them.  He’s almost overwhelmed trying to choose a toy…the fake hotdogs are at the top of his list though!  He got such a good balance of inside and outside, learning and “just for fun” toys.  I always love to see people love on my baby, and we ares so thankful for every little thing and every hug and kiss and visit and love!


     I still don’t feel quite old enough or grown up enough to have a one-year-old, but there’s clearly no going back now!  Davis is so much fun to be around, and even though I feel like we celebrate him every day, I loved this chance to “officially” celebrate and show him off to everyone.  He was so sweet and good and funny!  We have our one year check up later this week, and then I’ll be back with his 12 month update and all his stats!


Erin Roberts said...

We also did a red, white and blue party for my son's first birthday!! It was so fun!


Elaine Welte said...

So cute! We did a red, white, and blue theme for my daughter's 1st birthday! Stopping by from Momfessionals link up today :)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

So cute! Love the red, white & blue theme!