Wednesday, December 31, 2014

First Trimester Favorites

     Now that the cat is out of the bag, I thought we would let you know a little more about how things have been going.  I don’t plan to do weekly bumpdates because (1) I would never remember, and (2) they’re just not my favorite.  I do however plan to keep up with this blog a little better (where have we heard that before?).  For now, the most concrete “plan” I’m making is to do a recap of each trimester, and now that I’m a month into the second, I should probably talk about the first.

I was about 5 or so weeks here…but it was still a secret!  Also I finally found some of the gray Skechers GoWalks!

     It was a dark and stormy night…actually it was probably a blazing hot September day when we found out.  I had just been transferred (mid-year) to a new school and a new grade when we found out.  Such exciting news for us helped to take the sting away from leaving my precious kiddos. 
     Our first ultrasound dated us a week behind what we thought, so we originally found out at three weeks.  Honestly, I have felt strangely good.  I felt so good that I had some serious moments where I wondered if I was “normal,” but my doctor said there was nothing to worry about.  There were a few days where I was so tired I thought I might fall asleep on my desk; I didn’t.  There were a few days where nothing sounded good to eat…it was then that I discovered that Easy Mac (or any pasta for that matter) will always sound good.  We (the noodles and I) have been inseparable ever since.  We told our families, but didn’t tell anyone else for a long time.  It wasn’t because I was paranoid, but I always feel weird when people fuss over me, and I always felt like I was being showy just to blurt it out.  I tried just slipping it into conversation…people still fussed and squealed, but it was so sweet.
     Now that I’m into the second trimester, it still seems so surreal!  I’m sure once I start feeling kicks and have another ultrasound it will be more real, but for now I still can’t seem to wrap my head around it.  We get an actual person.  That I’m growing. (Which is terrifying in and of itself because I can’t keep a plant alive.)  That we then get to take home and keep?! 

How far along?  18 weeks.  Due date is at the end of May!

How big is baby?  According to my app, baby is the size of a sweet potato– about 5.6 inches and almost 6 and a half ounces – giant.

Gender?  We don’t know yet, but our appointment is scheduled, and we cannot wait.  I don’t even have a “feeling.”  I’ve had pretty much equal guesses of boy and girl.  Either one will be so great!

Sleep?  I’m pretty much still sleeping like a log (one of my many talents).  Once I start to wake up I may be a little uncomfortable, but falling asleep and staying asleep have been no problem so far.  Thankfully!

Maternity clothes?  I have a pair of maternity skinny jeans that I wear a lot because trying to get into my others would be torture, but other than that, the rubber band trick has been helping me stay in a few other pairs.  I’m also not too proud just to leave my pants unbuttoned.  I wear leggings as often as possible and the flowier the top the better!  I did buy some maternity shirts and camisoles the other day…mine have started to ride up some.

Symptoms?  My skin is doing weird things…boo.  Pregnancy brain is no joke, random aches and pains (I’m sure from everything turning to jelly to stretch out.), and according to Keith some really attractive mood swings…I’m sure I have no idea what he means.

Movement?  None yet, but hopefully soon!

Wedding rings on or off?  On for now.  This one surprised me because my hands swell if you look at them too hard.  We’ll see how long this lasts.

Cravings or aversions?  All noodles all the time!  I want Easy Mac, ramen, and pasta in any form.  Also, I have always loved pizza…but don’t you dare even mention frozen pizza.  Dead to me.

What I miss?  Not being so forgetful would be great…I can barely get out a complete sentence without forgetting something.  I’ll be a basket case by May!

Best moment?  I think my belly looked like an actual bump for a minute and not just like bloat!  That was encouraging.

     Keith and I have loved keeping this to ourselves for so long, but now that people know it is so fun!  We cannot wait to meet this little baby and are already so excited!  I had an appointment last week, and the next is the big halfway ultrasound.  I.  Cannot.  Wait.  Keith may have to physically restrain me, or I will be buying all the things.

Ignore the fact that it’s a blurry dressing room photo.  This was almost two weeks ago…but I haven’t really changed that much (I don’t think).

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