Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dear Davis - 2 Years

     Well, Bud, I’ve put it off for a month and a half now, but you’re definitely TWO! We’ve already celebrated you (and continue to celebrate you, but I wanted to remember all of your two-year-old stats.
     It’s been a busy month for you! You went to Vacation Bible School, you partied, you got a new baby cousin, and you’ve spent a lot of quality time with Mama – we love summer! Over the past year you have grown in every way. You are bigger and stronger and smarter than ever, and we love watching you grow.

     When people talk about you, the first thing they usually say is what a good talker you are…and they are not wrong. You talk all the time. I got an email the other day that said a child your age might know up to 70 words, and I laughed out loud. You know approximately 10,564,809,464 words and are learning more every day!
     You ask a lot of questions and expect an answer every time. You still love to read, and are getting so good at “reading” the books on your own. I’ve been saying since you were born that you’re really intense. All of your feelings are wide-open 100%, and it’s still true. There is not much in between with you, and when you decide you want to do something, you go all out. (Currently your efforts are focused on jumping into pools…)

Summertime is for playing outside, getting sweaty, and lots of baths!
Running and Jumping
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Length: 35 in. (50-75th percentile)
Weight: 28 lb.(50th percentile)
Head: 95th percentile
Eating: Like a toddler – everything or nothing. When you’re in the mood you love green beans, pasta, cheese, fruit of ALL kinds, and pretty much anything else.
Sleeping: Welllll…you get out of bed before 6 almost every day and come to our room. But you’re a good sleeper and a great napper. Early to bed, early to rise always.

When we told you that you could go out in the rain, you got SO excited!

Why play in the yard when you can sit with Mama and eat graham crackers?

First snow cone date - success!

Orange for you, wedding cake for me.

     Davis Malcolm, you are THE BEST part of our family, and we love you so much! I will never get tired of being your mama. Seeing you learn and grow is so fun and sweet and rewarding. Your big personality blesses me (and challenges me) in the best way. I cannot wait to see what kind of fun we’ll get into in year TWO!

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