Day in the Life: Photo Every Hour

     Last week was fall break, so in addition to being a regular human, I also managed to remember this blog! I love Day in the Life posts, and in the sporadic six (what?!) years that I've been blogging I've never done one. I chose a fall break day because even though it wasn't "normal," I actually stood a chance of remembering to take pictures.


     It is a rare treat for Davis to sleep past 6:00. I think he can sense me as soon as my feet hit the floor...but he must have known it was fall break because he slept in every day #praisehands. He wakes up ready to go, but I require a few minutes with my quilt...and apparently Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (always).

     What is wrong with me that it took an hour to get my coffee?! Not normal. But this mug, y'all. It was a gift from my sister, and I could not love it more. Luke and Lorelai forever.


     I finally broke away from the couch ( to pay some bills and check email. Davis spent a little time watching TV and actually playing! He's been so much better lately about playing in his room. I don't even care that it apparently requires him to dump out every single toy he owns...


     Still working...still coloring...still ignoring the junk I need to clean off the table. Most of it is Davis's art from school. I've got to find a way to sort and store it.


     Laundry. All the laundry. Also, the vacuum was not out to vacuum. I use it for killing bugs. I've been known to miss with a shoe, but I can suck a spider up in that hose with 100% accuracy. We've had a ton of granddaddy long legs lately...ew.


     Davis has been having a ton of picnics lately. He's also obsessed with Mickey's Monster Musical (or Castle Mickey).


     Nap time is the perfect time for me to watch a little show and get in a few steps. This week I got totally sucked in to those Food Network Halloween baking shows and Beat Bobby Flay! What in the world? I typically only watch Food Network for The Pioneer Woman and Trisha (although I did love Emeril and Iron Chef back in the day), but I couldn't stop myself this week.


     Is there anything better than a clean kitchen and a fall candle? I got another Pumpkin Waffle candle that I raved about last year. They are only FIVE DOLLARS! A few years ago they had a peppermint that was perfect for January...I'll keep an eye out for it. They're still back in the cleaning section of Walmart. YES! Walmart!


     He woke up so happy! He did not get that from me...although the promise of a snack may have had something to do with it.
     Davis took a little break from playing to read There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat. I love rotating some of his books seasonally, and he gets so excited for new things to read! Also...yes, I am still in my pajamas because fall break.


     Two pictures for this hour because the one of just meatballs wasn't as appetizing. I did a little dinner prep for this recipe that I've had pinned for awhile now. Mine wasn't Whole30 because I didn't have almond flour (or arrowroot), but it still turned out okay. We did ours with egg noodles instead of mashed potatoes, and we all liked it for dinner and leftovers. I think next time I'll just do a regular meatball (I have a recipe I like better) and use this recipe for the sauce.


     Finally dressed with make up on! I had a parent meeting at Davis's daycare, and I didn't think it was appropriate to go in pajamas. I was so pleased with my mom hair today. Every once in awhile my topknots really show up...and every other time they lay down and give up. It's probably reflective of my personality...

     Apparently the hour or so after my meeting until bedtime wasn't that eventful because I didn't take a single picture. We ate dinner. Y'all probably know what that looks like.


     Bedtime routine: potty, brush teeth, pray, sing, bed. Davis has always gone down really easily. It's why he's my favorite. Side note: I still love his cute little tail in pajamas. Can't stop won't stop.


     A tree makes everything cozier. I'm kind of sad that there will be a short break in my twinkle light game between Halloween and Christmas... I looked all over town for plain orange ornaments, and could not find any anywhere! I need a little more filler for my tree. I don't want anything too Halloween-y; I'm really more into understated decor...

still 8:30

     I went to Kroger the other day with the sole purpose of buying Count Chocula (because health is really important to me), but they didn't have any. Soooo...I pouted for a minute and then listened to my inner child and left with this instead. It did not disappoint!

     After this Keith and I watched a few shows and were asleep by 9:30. We're party animals. Seriously though, I used to love staying up late when I was in middle and high school, but now you couldn't pay me to stay up past 10:00.

     Not the most exciting day and definitely not normal, but fall break was exactly the rest I needed after a whirlwind first quarter at school. The second quarter always flies by, but I'm hoping to be back more often between now and Christmas!

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