First Trimester Faves: Round Two

     I am very.very.very late with this. As in...starting the third trimester in a few weeks. But I want to remember this time. I talked about finding out last time...still kind of weird for me. I am an over-planner, over-thinker, over-analyzer, and that two week wait after THE "two week wait" was brutal. I was totally convinced there was something wrong with me (aside from the obvious mental problems...).
     Nevertheless, here we are closing in on the third trimester in spite of the four week wait, the first trimester anxiety, the desperate need for carbs, and all the other pleasantries of the first few weeks of pregnancy.
     Similar to when I was pregnant with Davis, I felt weird about telling people. Maybe it's the squealing, maybe it's the "knowing" looks people give you. I was going to keep things to myself until after the first trimester, but scheduling appointments and dodging questions proved a little too much, so my grade level and principal knew at about eight weeks. I did wait to tell the rest of the staff until after the first trimester - donuts for everybody!

Although this was taken in the first trimester, you are not seeing a baby bump. That is, in fact, a food baby from the massive amounts of seafood I had just eaten. Also, on my face is the mania of that Dollar General pregnancy test drama.

How far along?  Currently 25 weeks...but everything else will be about the first trimester.

How big is baby?  Cauliflower!

Gender?  We know! Buuuutttttt I'll wait until my second trimester post to tell about that!

Sleep?  First trimester sleep was no problem. As in I wanted to sleep all the time. I had a few weeks of C.R.A.Z.Y. dreams, but falling asleep and staying asleep were nothing. 

Maternity clothes?  I made it through those first weeks on the rubber band trick although, #spoileralert, it did not last as long this time. I did pull out my maternity camisoles pretty quickly because #comfy.

Symptoms?  I was achier this time. Maybe I was just more aware of it, but I was crampy early on...and sometimes stabby! My skin instantly did terrible things again. I'm like a teenager over here. My hair was weird for awhile. ANXIETY. I don't know if it's a pregnancy thing or a me thing, but the entire first trimester has me wrecked. I remember that with Davis so clearly and was hoping it would be better this time. It.Was.Not. Now that I'm giant and feeling lots of kicks, I'm obviously much better, but this is a weak area for me and there was/is a lot of praying done in those weeks (and now).

Movement?  I was hoping to feel it earlier, but no such luck.

Wedding rings on or off?  Still on! 

Cravings or aversions?  All carbs. Potato chips. Olives. Pickles. Basically anything salty or carby or processed. 

What I miss?  My normal complexion. I know it's vain, but being pregnant sometimes just makes you feel like a big gross teenager. Shiny. Moody. Spotty. Unpleasant. 

Best moment?  The end of the first trimester...also hearing the heartbeat every time! And I will never forget finding out.

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