Second Trimester Faves: Round Two

     The second trimester is sometimes called the "honeymoon" stage of pregnancy, but for me it's the stage that flies. With Davis and now with this baby, I felt oookkkkaaay for the first trimester and then when the second trimester hit, I felt great but busy! This time the majority of the second trimester fell during the holiday season, so it's been a constant whirlwind. If not for Keith putting the crib together and cleaning out the front bedroom, we would have absolutely nothing done! I can't believe that I'll be doing baby laundry again in a few weeks.

     Last time, I feel like it took me a long time to "pop," but with this baby, I started popping much earlier. My beloved rubber band trick didn't last long before my zippers were begging for mercy, and I thought I snapped a rubber band more than once. We're mostly in leggings now, but even those start to roll down sometimes. This baby is not playing. We're about to get large over here. 
The belly is not playing this time...

How far along?  26/27 weeks! What on earth?!

How big is baby?  Kale/Lettuce - 14+ inches and almost 2 pounds

Gender?  #boymom! We are so excited for another sweet boy! I have heard from so many two-time boy moms that there is nothing sweeter than your boy having a baby brother!

Sleep?  Still pretty good. I don't stay asleep long (that's a combination of me, my alarm, and my bladder), and I've brought back my big feather body pillow. It is life.

Maternity clothes?  Lots of leggings. I have a pair of maternity skinny jeans that I'm wearing a lot (although I learned with this pregnancy that they aren't actually maternity...just larger. That bruised my ego, so I had to put them away for a few weeks...), but I haven't pulled out anything full panel yet. I'm thinking of buying myself a few more flowy shrouds though.

Symptoms?  I feel human! I have had some pain in my sciatic nerve area that is very unpleasant, but it's not constant. The belly is here, and baby brother is either suuupppper low (no thank you) or in my stomach (no thank you). I spent a few days dosing on Mylanta, no real heartburn, but just yucky indigestion. Overall, though I'm feeling so good (and so big...and so slow).

Movement?  Tons! Lots of big rolls, almost like he gets stuck then uncomfortable and then has to adjust. I feel a lot at night too.

Wedding rings on or off?  Still on! 

Cravings or aversions?  Carbs still always sound good, but I don't need them like I did in the first trimester. I'm mostly eating normally.

What I miss?  I still miss my normal complexion...and having full use of all my clothes.

Best moment?  Of course I loved our ultrasound, and getting to feel baby kicks again has just been the best! I will never get tired of it.

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