Thursday, June 8, 2017

Go Davis Go

     I don’t know how it’s possible, but Davis is TWO! We are six days post-birthday, and I’ve never seen a more two-year-old two-year-old. He has so much personality and so much energy and so very much sass. We love him so much and had the BEST time celebrating him last weekend with our family. We were able to have the party outside on our back deck, and it was so FUN!

     We went with a Go Dogs Go theme because it is a major favorite right now. I tried not to go too much into a car theme or dog theme, and I love how it turned out!


     I printed off every Instagram print of Davis from the past year to make some fun displays. I thought I might find a fun banner or bunting in my colors that I could hang them on like I did last year but no such luck. I bought all the scrapbook paper (on the table) thinking I would make a banner, but then my (hero) mother found those tissue paper pom pom garlands at DOLLAR TREE. Done and done. I also hung two strands of twine vertically in another window and clippped pictures to those…but they didn’t photograph very well.



     We did basically the same food as last year, but of course I color coordinated the fruit (#becauseobviously). The idea with the green frosting was to make it sort of like the dog party at the end of the book…but I can never get food coloring to do quite right.


     Present time was a big deal this year. I think Davis got one of every single kind of outside toy on Earth. He is going to have such a fun summer!  He is good to go on tools and trucks and sporting gear of any kind! Parties are a little overwhelming for kids, but I have loved getting to see him rediscover each of his gifts over the past few days.


     This leaf blower was a last-minute thing I picked up and ended up being such a hit! He ran through the entire bottle of bubbles right away.

IMG_4878[1]  IMG_4881[1]  IMG_4883[1]

     Apparently that face plant is just how Davis eats cupcakes at this point in his life. I’ve seen him do it three or four times now. So funny!


     We love Davis Malcolm so very much, and it is one of my greatest joys as a mother to see people love on him! His party was just a perfect (albeit tiring) day full of love and fun. Davis loves seeing all his people and was so sweet to everyone. Any sadness at seeing my baby grow up is way overshadowed by the joy of seeing him come into his own! We are going to the doctor on Monday, and then I’ll be back to share a little update on him…and just in case you think this kind of photo-op is, in any way, true to life…




This is much more our speed. A healthy dose of defiance and “bye, y’all!”

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