Monday, June 20, 2016

Family Pictures–June 2016

     I have been itching to get family pictures made since Davis was born.  He had a session with his cousins, Della and Suzanne, (did I ever share those?) but I felt like we needed some family pictures too.  Since he just turned one a few weeks ago, I figured there wasn’t going to be a better time.

     I was wrong…20 degrees cooler would have been a better time.  Regardless, Aubrey managed to take our hot, sweaty mess and get some beautiful pictures last week!  I was so excited to get the pictures back, and I love them even more than I thought I would!

DSC_0549Y’all!  Can’t!  Also, I think Davis is actually looking a little like me here too!

DSC_0547Davis is almost never impressed with me…but he is so cute!

DSC_0538  DSC_0541
This is actually Natalie’s front porch.  We knew we were going to use her side yard (and her neighbor’s side yard), but Aubrey loved her porch too, so we hopped up there, and I loved how they turned out!  Side note:  I thought Natalie was gone while we where doing this, and then halfway through, the garage door opened, and they walked out to head to swimming lessons.  Davis was so excited!

DSC_0528  DSC_0556
I’m absolutely shocked that Davis didn’t try to climb off the porch.

These two are definitely favorites!  I’m thinking of using the color version on a canvas for the dining room.

We were trying so hard to make him smile…but it was hot, and he was hungry.  It’s a good thing he’s got such a cute serious face!

DSC_0717  DSC_0705
I love both of these so much!  I’m thinking I may print the one of Keith and Davis for my desk at work.  Love!

This one is also in the running for a canvas.  Davis was supposed to be laying with us…but he had his own plans.


     There is a whole series of unedited pictures where Keith is tossing Davis into the air, and Davis is laughing super hard.  Buuuuuut…in every single one, you can see my panicked mom hand shooting in from off camera.  Moms.

This one is my absolute favorite!  Aubrey managed to sort through the other pictures where we were feeding Davis Cheerios out of my pocket and find this gem.  I’m almost positive this will be on a canvas.  I may actually wallpaper the entire house in this. 

     I don’t know how often we’ll be taking family pictures, but I’ll probably call Aubrey every time!  I am in love love love with our pictures, and can’t wait to plaster the walls with them!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Favorites

     It’s Friday, it’s summer, the baby is napping…it’s a good day!  I’ve been meaning to post about some of my newest favorite things, but Davis doesn’t like for me to use the computer (or read or watch tv or eat snacks or sit on the furniture…#toddler) while he’s awake. 

     A few weeks ago I was busy scrolling through Instagram, when I noticed that one of my friends posted the cutest stamped cuff bracelet.  A quick snoop later, and come to find out, her sister-in-law makes them!  I’ve seen lots of cuffs, and have been drooling over them for awhile now, so this seemed like perfect timing!

     The shop is One Young Artisan, and Jeannine was so sweet to work with!  There were tons of cuff and plate options and my bracelets came really fast.  I got one with Davis’s name on it and one with my life verse (Lamentations 3:22), and I’m already thinking through what else I can do.

Can you even deal with this?!
I need this on a bracelet and a t-shirt and a forehead tattoo and every wall in my house!

     I like to pile on the bracelets, and have been wanting some more impact making pieces.  Side note: I’m already laughing at my husband’s face when he reads this… These bracelets delivered in the impact department.  I’m thinking of going skinny and sparkly for my next cuff!

FullSizeRenderI’ve been trying to make my bracelets match basically every outfit.

     In totally unrelated news, we finally got family pictures made this week.  I wanted to do them in June to coincide with Davis’s birthday and just because the last professional pictures we have are engagement and wedding pictures.  I am getting so excited to get them back and crossing all my fingers that the 6549684% humidity didn’t leave me looking too ratchet.

     I had plans to change Davis’s outfit and adjust some of our accessories, but it. was. so. hot.  I’m hoping our photographer can photoshop out sweat and shiny.  I have high hopes!

I was going for a naturey theme with a bold accent.  Davis wore the sweetest linen overalls…but you’ll have to wait for that!

     I’m going to wrap this up with about 6 minutes left of Davis’s nap.  We’ve got an afternoon of swimming and a weekend of celebrating all of our favorite dads!

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dear Davis–12 Months

     Davis Malcolm!  You are ONE!  I had no idea one year ago what a sweet, funny, handsome, mess you would be by now.  You surpass what we ever thought you might be like in every way!  You are so fun and so full of life and have the BEST personality.  We love you!


     This month you are EVERYWHERE!  You don’t ever stop.  You walk all over the house and have the sweetest waddle-run.  You love to be chased.  You’ve started trying to climb…you can’t really get anywhere, but you stretch that leg up as high as it will go, and I know it won’t be long!  Now that you’ve mastered walking, you’ve also been trying to go backwards and stand on your tiptoes.

     You turned one on June 2, and Mama had aaaalllllll the feelings.  Then a few days later, we celebrated you with family, and you had such a fun time!  You are really showing your personality these days and it is strong!  You understand so much of what I’m saying, but you can ignore like no other.  I love this stage, but I’m going to have to hide my laughing face and learn to be tough…maybe.

IMG_2982[1]  IMG_2985[1]
You know the correct way to use this wagon…but you love to show me that you can climb into it too…

Lately you are loving being outside, and I am loving your little fat legs sticking out from under t-shirts!

There is a park right up the road, and even though it took awhile to warm up to it, you had a big time!

Being outside
Pulling things out of cabinets
Anything that can be pushed or pulled around

IMG_2899[1]  IMG_3075[1]
I’ve given up on the tupperware cabinet…

Our VBS theme was “Under Construction,” and you LOVED looking at all the equipment!

P.S. That shirt is a 3T…

You are a big ol’ boy!

Length: 30.5 in. (75th percentile)

Weight:  22 lb. 4 oz. (75th percentile)

Head:  48 cm (95th percentile)

Eating:  3 cups of milk a day and pretty much whatever you can get your hands on!
Favorites: Banquet chicken patties (seriously…favorite), beans, fruit (BLUEBERRIES), goldfish, bread, frozen pancakes (5 at a time…)

Sleeping:  As always, 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. with one (2ish hour) nap.  We cut out the morning nap a few weeks ago, and it’s a struggle to stay awake, but so worth it!

I know I’ve already posted this, but it is my favorite and so you right now!

IMG_3003  IMG_3004  IMG_3006IMG_3007  IMG_3009  IMG_3011
The most challenging part of these is getting you to not walk straight off the chair!

IMG_1730  IMG_1812  IMG_1879IMG_1449  IMG_2099  IMG_21341_thumb3[5]IMG_2289  IMG_2416  IMG_2561IMG_2702  IMG_2867  IMG_3005
Davis Malcolm, I don’t think there’s every been a more handsome baby.  We love you so much!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Red, White, and ONE

     Well y’all…Davis is one.  He turned one on June 2nd, and we celebrated in style that Saturday.  I got the idea for his theme from my sister, and it turned out better than I hoped!  We had originally planned to party on our newly screened (thanks, Keith!) back porch, but 16540648% humidity and a high rain chance moved us in…boo.

     We loved celebrating Davis regardless of the weather, and I will look back on his party with a happy heart always.  Now let’s get to those pictures!

IMG_0203I loved looking at all of his monthly pictures side by side.  I feel like he really started looking like himself around month 9.

IMG_0216IMG_0223I used some things I already had and a lot of things we got on Memorial Day sales.

     Food was very simple: chips and dip, chips and salsa, fruit, vegetables, and cupcakes (from a box…#badmom).  To be honest, the cupcakes could have come from a dumpster, and Davis would have still eaten them.  He shoveled the entire thing in, laughing the whole time!

IMG_0221No time to be photographed…#allcupcakeallthetime

IMG_0215This is my favorite picture of the day!

     Davis got the sweetest gifts, and is already loving playing with them.  He’s almost overwhelmed trying to choose a toy…the fake hotdogs are at the top of his list though!  He got such a good balance of inside and outside, learning and “just for fun” toys.  I always love to see people love on my baby, and we ares so thankful for every little thing and every hug and kiss and visit and love!


     I still don’t feel quite old enough or grown up enough to have a one-year-old, but there’s clearly no going back now!  Davis is so much fun to be around, and even though I feel like we celebrate him every day, I loved this chance to “officially” celebrate and show him off to everyone.  He was so sweet and good and funny!  We have our one year check up later this week, and then I’ll be back with his 12 month update and all his stats!