Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Favorites

     It’s Friday, it’s summer, the baby is napping…it’s a good day!  I’ve been meaning to post about some of my newest favorite things, but Davis doesn’t like for me to use the computer (or read or watch tv or eat snacks or sit on the furniture…#toddler) while he’s awake. 

     A few weeks ago I was busy scrolling through Instagram, when I noticed that one of my friends posted the cutest stamped cuff bracelet.  A quick snoop later, and come to find out, her sister-in-law makes them!  I’ve seen lots of cuffs, and have been drooling over them for awhile now, so this seemed like perfect timing!

     The shop is One Young Artisan, and Jeannine was so sweet to work with!  There were tons of cuff and plate options and my bracelets came really fast.  I got one with Davis’s name on it and one with my life verse (Lamentations 3:22), and I’m already thinking through what else I can do.

Can you even deal with this?!
I need this on a bracelet and a t-shirt and a forehead tattoo and every wall in my house!

     I like to pile on the bracelets, and have been wanting some more impact making pieces.  Side note: I’m already laughing at my husband’s face when he reads this… These bracelets delivered in the impact department.  I’m thinking of going skinny and sparkly for my next cuff!

FullSizeRenderI’ve been trying to make my bracelets match basically every outfit.

     In totally unrelated news, we finally got family pictures made this week.  I wanted to do them in June to coincide with Davis’s birthday and just because the last professional pictures we have are engagement and wedding pictures.  I am getting so excited to get them back and crossing all my fingers that the 6549684% humidity didn’t leave me looking too ratchet.

     I had plans to change Davis’s outfit and adjust some of our accessories, but it. was. so. hot.  I’m hoping our photographer can photoshop out sweat and shiny.  I have high hopes!

I was going for a naturey theme with a bold accent.  Davis wore the sweetest linen overalls…but you’ll have to wait for that!

     I’m going to wrap this up with about 6 minutes left of Davis’s nap.  We’ve got an afternoon of swimming and a weekend of celebrating all of our favorite dads!

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