Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dear Davis–12 Months

     Davis Malcolm!  You are ONE!  I had no idea one year ago what a sweet, funny, handsome, mess you would be by now.  You surpass what we ever thought you might be like in every way!  You are so fun and so full of life and have the BEST personality.  We love you!


     This month you are EVERYWHERE!  You don’t ever stop.  You walk all over the house and have the sweetest waddle-run.  You love to be chased.  You’ve started trying to climb…you can’t really get anywhere, but you stretch that leg up as high as it will go, and I know it won’t be long!  Now that you’ve mastered walking, you’ve also been trying to go backwards and stand on your tiptoes.

     You turned one on June 2, and Mama had aaaalllllll the feelings.  Then a few days later, we celebrated you with family, and you had such a fun time!  You are really showing your personality these days and it is strong!  You understand so much of what I’m saying, but you can ignore like no other.  I love this stage, but I’m going to have to hide my laughing face and learn to be tough…maybe.

IMG_2982[1]  IMG_2985[1]
You know the correct way to use this wagon…but you love to show me that you can climb into it too…

Lately you are loving being outside, and I am loving your little fat legs sticking out from under t-shirts!

There is a park right up the road, and even though it took awhile to warm up to it, you had a big time!

Being outside
Pulling things out of cabinets
Anything that can be pushed or pulled around

IMG_2899[1]  IMG_3075[1]
I’ve given up on the tupperware cabinet…

Our VBS theme was “Under Construction,” and you LOVED looking at all the equipment!

P.S. That shirt is a 3T…

You are a big ol’ boy!

Length: 30.5 in. (75th percentile)

Weight:  22 lb. 4 oz. (75th percentile)

Head:  48 cm (95th percentile)

Eating:  3 cups of milk a day and pretty much whatever you can get your hands on!
Favorites: Banquet chicken patties (seriously…favorite), beans, fruit (BLUEBERRIES), goldfish, bread, frozen pancakes (5 at a time…)

Sleeping:  As always, 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. with one (2ish hour) nap.  We cut out the morning nap a few weeks ago, and it’s a struggle to stay awake, but so worth it!

I know I’ve already posted this, but it is my favorite and so you right now!

IMG_3003  IMG_3004  IMG_3006IMG_3007  IMG_3009  IMG_3011
The most challenging part of these is getting you to not walk straight off the chair!

IMG_1730  IMG_1812  IMG_1879IMG_1449  IMG_2099  IMG_21341_thumb3[5]IMG_2289  IMG_2416  IMG_2561IMG_2702  IMG_2867  IMG_3005
Davis Malcolm, I don’t think there’s every been a more handsome baby.  We love you so much!

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