Friday, June 29, 2012

June Sponsors–Part 3

     I know I say it every month, but I seriously cannot believe that June is almost over!  I feel like this year is just flying by, and it is so crazy to me.  In six months I’ll be a college graduate; in twelve months I’ll be married…wow.  I am so looking forward to sharing all of this upcoming fun stuff with you, but before we can jump into that, I can’t wait to share my last round of June sponsors.  I love each of these ladies and their blogs, and I am so glad to have been able to work with them this month.

Susan from Suzels Says
     I’m Susan!  About six years ago, I ventured down to college in the South.  I liked sweet tea and the word y’all so much that I decided to stay!  Now I’m in the real world trying to figure out who let me graduate and try to act like a grown-up.  I love Jesus, photography, my friends and family, and my boyfriend David…who happens to be a minor league baseball player (not as glamorous as it sounds).  My blog is a reflection of the above and this charming little life that God has blessed me with.

Lisa at Momma’s Me Time
     Hey there! I'm Lisa, the Momma behind Momma's Me Time. I created my blog as a way to grant me a little alone time. Because as we all know, life can get a little busy as a wife and a Momma. My blog gives me time to embrace the hobbies I love most, including crafts, fitness, and photography. it also allows me to share bits of my life as a stay at home mom of an adorable 3 year old boy, my views on faith, and our journey through life. I hope you will come by and share life's journey with us!
Blog // Facebook // Twitter

     Aren’t they great?  I hope that each of you can find some time to hop over to their blogs and leave some sweet comments.  Like I said, I can't believe it's almost July!  I'm excited about all the amazing stuff I have coming up, but I hope it doesn't go by too fast to enjoy it! 
     P.S. If you didn't catch my vlog a few days definitely missed out!  The link is still open, and you should all go link up. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Back at It

     Now that I’ve caught the vlogging bug, I’m not so scared to participate in fun link ups like I’m doing today.  Y’all were all too sweet about the first vlog that I couldn’t help but try again.  Today I’m linking up with Ashley at 5OhWifey and Nicole at Our Crazy Beautiful for their so fun Girl Behind the Blog vlog party! 

     If you’re visiting from the link up then welcome to my little slice of life; I hope you’ll stick around for awhile!  To those of you who put up with me more frequently…hello again.  I kind of want to do a whole bunch of vlogs now…this was so fun!  Be sure to stop by the link-up and check out all the other sweeties who posted.

     Also, if you're wondering where that adorable swimsuit cover-up (yes, I did do a vlog in my swimsuit) came from, my sister got it for me for my birthday at Target...but I have a feeling they don't have them anymore since it's been a few months.
     I'm hoping that one day I can be confident enough to do a vlog without a prompt, but I'm guessing it would be about thirty minutes of rambling...and I just don't think you're ready for that.  I hope y'all are all having a great week so far.  Friday is only two days away.  I'll be back in a few days with my last round of sponsors for this month, and then get yourselves ready for my fab-o July sponsors; they're great!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Big Hair and Stupidity

     Before we begin, this is not an indictment on beauty queens, newscasters, or anyone else who typically has big hair…it’s an indictment on myself and my total inability to “do good hair” (ten points if you can guess the movie).  You may have heard me mention that I love big hair and that I’m totally incapable of doing my hair.  In fact, my last several “I Know and I Don’ts” have mentioned my situation.  While I do my best to ignore my pitiful-ness, when I receive an email like I did today, I get to face my problems head on…and hopefully win something fabulous.  I got an email from Misikko Beauty detailing their current giveaway.  Three lucky bloggers are being offered a chance to win $350 worth of products from their site!  How could you pass up that sort of opportunity?!
     The prompt suggests that you detail what you would buy and why if you were to win…and as someone who is a total drugstore beauty product/implement girl, this is like being in a candy store!


      My hair looks like this…every. single. day.  Is it an awful look?  No.  Is my hair terribly  unhealthy?  No.  Is this extremely boring day in and day out?  Absolutely. 
     To give you a little insight into what I do now:  1. wash hair with volumizing shampoo 2. blow dry with a regular old hair dryer 3. brush.  That is all.  On rare occasions I throw it in a ponytail.  While I am pretty hair implement clueless, I loved looking at all the goodies over at Misikko.  If I were to win, I would treat myself in a big, big way.

    First things first, a dependable hair dryer is a must.  You would think that with baby fine hair, I wouldn’t spend a lot of time drying…and you would be wrong.  For some reason I my hair holds onto water like a cactus in the desert.  If it can get it, it won’t let go.  The Hot Tools Professional Ionic Hair Dryer has amazing reviews and sounds like it might be just the thing for my mane.  (It will surely do better than the thing I have now…which has no brand and has been in my cabinet for years.)

     Let  me be honest…I don’t really straighten my hair a lot.  Like I said, it’s super fine, and my current straightener is very bulky and leaves my hair really limp.  This UNIL Infrashine flat iron with it’s 1” ceramic plates sounds perfect for my mess.  I love the look of curls done with a straightener and the smooth look of straight hair, but what I have now just isn’t doing it for me…  What I need most of all is some motivation, and some fab-o products like this are already making me excited!

     I have been dying for a decent curling iron, and I have heard nothing but good things about the Corioliss Clipless Wand Ceramic Curling Iron (.7”).  The curlers of the old days with a spring-loaded clip are just not doing it for me any more.  This little gem seems to give great curl without crushing half of it…or getting it stuck in the spring – ouch!

     Because I’m about to start student teaching (and then job hunting), I am really wanting to put my best foot (or hairstyle) forward.  The same old stuff just isn’t going to give me that edge that says, “I put extra effort into my hair…and everything else I do.”  Aaaaand, because I’m jumping head first into wedding stuff, I need to be looking my very best for engagement pictures and other wedding-y fun things.
     I always say I’m going to start doing something to my hair…just look at my 101 in 1001, but I never seem to drum up the motivation.  I would like to give a big, huge thank you to Misikko Beauty for lighting a fire under this girl.  I could definitely use a little sprucing up…or maybe just some sweet words of motivation!  Fingers crossed!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sadie, Sadie

     …married lady!  Not quite, but everything is starting to feel so real now!  Starting yesterday, I have less than one year until I get married!  How exciting is it to say, “This is my last (insert whatever date) as a non-married!”?  Maybe that’s only fun for me…
     Anyway, as most of you know, I went dress shopping today.  This morning, my mother, sister, and I went to Ballew Bridal in Collierville to do a little exploratory browsing.  They were having a sale – always a good reason to stop and look.
DSCF2897I even made an effort to look like a real person!  Hair and make up done and everything.

No special trip is complete without car self-portraits.

…or Saltines and a Coke.  There is no way I could have let myself get hangry on this trip.

     I’m thinking that my dress inspiration post must have sent out some really good shopping zhu-zhu because…………I HAVE A DRESS!  Of course I can’t tell you what it looks like which is so difficult for me because I do not like keeping secrets.  You’ll just all have to trust me…it is incredible.  I don’t know what I’m going to do for the next year with this amazing dress just sitting in my closet (answer: go crazy and/or smile like a loon every day because I’m so excited). 
     Surprisingly, it was the first dress I tried on!  I did try on several others, but once I tried the first one on again with a veil it was all over.  It was too perfect, and the veil just makes it.  It will have to be altered, but that won’t be until probably April.  Until then, I just get to look at my perfect perfect dress as much as I want.  I kind of want to wear it every day now…but I assume this isn’t practical.  We finished the day with a Chik-fil-a lunch and headed home totally content.  My nana and my close friends have seen it, and the general consensus is love love love!  I am now in full on wedding mode.  Get ready!

Friday, June 22, 2012

End of the Week Wrap-Up

     I don’t do mindless brain-dump type posts often, but I have been so scattered lately that I feel like I should organize my thoughts…for you of course.  Let’s just go with a numbered post.

     1.  Just to reiterate – I am going wedding dress shopping!  I have about one bazillion thoughts, but they could all very well go straight out the window when I start looking.
     2.  My unfortunate under-eye circles must be getting worse every day.  My dad asked why I had a black eye today…

     3.  Somehow I scratched my face the other day.  Due to this unfortunate incident, I have a red welt right under my dark circle-y eye!

     4.  To be totally cliché, kids really do say the “darndest” things.  My daycare kids make me laugh all day long.
          - “My grandparents live really far away…like an hour…or maybe five miles.”
          - “Can I put that basketball inside this box so I can ‘lift weights?’”
          - “I grew this zucchini in my garden.  It had a special powder on it to keep it safe from weeds and wild beetles.”

     5.  O Brother, Where Art Thou will always be hilarious.

     6.  While I’m not wishing my life away…I need the beach…like, yesterday.

     7.  Today (June 22) is my pre-anniversary!

     8.  I will be a college graduate in six months.

     9. Vacuuming is not fun…and for some reason I am always blazing hot when I vacuum.  Bleh.

     10.  Thank you! To every last one of you who has ever come by this blog to read.  An extra thank you to you sweet ladies who follow.  A few days ago this little slice of the interweb hit 200 followers!  I am so excited, and I am so thankful that there are sweeties like each one of you who choose to hang out with me on my blog.  I love you to pieces!
I get to marry this fellow in one year!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June Sponsors–Part 2

     I hope you enjoyed my last round of sponsors – I am still loving them!  Today I have two more sweeties to introduce to you.  I have been reading both of these ladies for awhile now, and the more I read the more I want to read (which for me is the mark of a really fabulous blog). 

Allison at Feeding My Temple

     I'm Allison. A 26 year old mom and wife. Follower of Jesus. Sister to 2. Living in Oklahoma. Feeding My Temple follows my life as I try to balance feeding my body, mind and spirit with the Word, fitness, and amazing food.

Blog // Facebook // Pinterest // Twitter

hello, lovelies!
i'm lori from a crazy walk on the safe side. i am a southern girl in my mid-twenties, enjoying newlywed life with my best friend, who i lovingly refer to as "the hubs". we recently moved to a new city and hope to buy a house within year... and then we'll get to the baby making.
until now, we just spoil and love on our furbaby. i am a wannabee fashionista and i like to pretend that i am crafty. i blog about all things i love which include {but are not limited to}: cooking, traveling, UGA football and a good book.
please stop by my blog sometime... i would love to get to know you!

Blog // Pinterest

     Don’t you just love them?  I’m almost sad that this month is wrapping up.  I really loved my sponsors, and I hope that some of y’all will hop over and visit them.  Now a shameless plug for my own blog – I still have a few spots left for July (which I still can’t believe is here) sponsors.  If you’re interested shoot me an email or check out my Advertise page!
     One more little note:  If you haven't noticed the new button on the sidebar, I'm now working with Zulily to make sure that everyone in the blogosphere (especially the ladies hanging around here) has the latest news on deals and specials going on over at their site.  Until Saturday, you can find deals of up to 80% off several dealers including Fila, Tom Ford & Roberto Cavalli, Libby Jane & Peppermint Pony, Activewear Apparel, and a ton of others.  If you click the button on my sidebar you'll be able to check out these amazing prices and several others!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wedding Dress Inspiration

     You may remember a few days ago me mentioning that I’m going dress shopping this weekend.  I know we’re still a year out, but this is sort of a getting our feet wet exploratory kind of thing.  Also, June is a crazy popular month, so I'd like to get as many things as possible done ahead of schedule since I’ll be busy with school during the prime planning months.  I would hate to wait until after graduation to think about all of it only to find out that anyone worth having was booked solid. 
     Saturday morning, my mother, sister, and I will be going to Ballew Bridal in Covington for our first real day of dress looking/shopping.  I am so excited (understatement).  In honor of this gigantic step, I thought I would share some of my favorite Pinterest dress inspirations.

      I’m not actually looking for a fit and flare, but I want to try on as many different styles as possible!

      I love this one – a lot.

      This one is definitely different and really pretty, but I’m not sure I could pull it off.

      Hello, Jackie O!  I love the idea of this dress, but I just know I would be fooling with those cute little sleeves all night.  I refuse to have wedding pictures with my straps down around my elbows.

     If you couldn’t tell, I think lace is so pretty and absolutely perfect for weddings.  Because we’re getting married in June, likely in the afternoon, I don’t want anything too formal or buttoned up looking.  Lace is so classic, but the way it’s done on these dresses is not stuffy or old-timey at all. 
     I’m sure now that I’ve posted these, I’ll find something totally different and fall absolutely in love with it.  No matter what happens though…I am all kinds of excited; I’m marrying an amazing fella, and Saturday is going to be so fun!
     In other wedding news, I have some photographers in mind, and I can’t wait to meet with them and start getting things nailed down.  Because it is full on wedding season right now, I am getting so anxious for my own.  Once I start really doing things, I don’t know how I’ll wait a year!  On the plus side, I get to celebrate my pre-anniversary in four days!
     Now for some shameless advice begging.  Any of my readers from Tennessee: where did you find your dress?  Any of my engaged friends: have you started dress shopping?  Any of you: when did you start really planning your wedding?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Know and I Don’t–No. 17

     Surprise, surprise!  I actually remembered this time!  To be quite truthful, I am writing this right post about 1 minute after my shrimp and grits masterpiece because I don’t have another minute to spare.  I’m leaving work tomorrow to go see Keith for the weekend, and I like to take time off when I’m getting to see him.

I know
I should be so thankful I have a job (and I really am).
I don’t know why it’s so hard to get up for work in the morning.

I know
kids do strange things for attention.
I don’t know who taught them that it’s funny to slide Legos across the floor so they make that awful squeaking sound.

I know
it’s bug season outside.
I don’t know if I’ll ever be okay with those gross little things getting close to me!

I know
it’s practically shameful that my toes haven’t been painted in a week.
I don’t know why they don’t look as fabulous as I want them to.

I know
I’ll never have movie star hair.
I don’t know what to do with my hair.

I know
I have to wait a month to see my Praxis scores.
I don’t know how I’ll wait that long.

I know
I have four sponsor spots left for July.
I don’t know who’s going to fill them, but I can’t wait!

I know
I’m going dress shopping next weekend!
I don’t know what I’m looking for!

     Well ladies, I think the time may have come for me to make the jump into hosting a linky party.  I’ve been wanting to let you ladies link up with me for this for awhile…what are your thoughts?

     Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shrimp and Grits

     First things first…how sad that I actually have a “shrimp and grits” tag on this blog…oh well.  You may remember that sometime last week I mentioned that we would be making shrimp and grits.  I’m here to share with you probably one of the most incredible things I’ve ever eaten.  This is not an understatement.  Just wait.


     Let me stop drooling for a minute and share the recipe!

     You will need:
          2 c. (ish) quick cook grits
          1/4 c. mayonnaise (we used Duke’s)
          bacon…a lot of it
          1/2 red onion diced
          1 lb. medium shrimp (shelled and deveined)
          1 (ish) tbsp. butter
          1 (ish) tbsp. lemon juice
          2 (ish) tbsp. hot sauce
          salt, pepper, and additional hot sauce to taste
     In a saucepan over medium hear, cook the bacon until crispy.  (Unless you already cut it, remove from heat and cut or crumble.)  Turn heat to medium-high, add onions and cook until they begin to soften.  Add shrimp and cook until they’re pink.  Stir in butter, lemon juice, and hot sauce.  Toss to coat the shrimp.


     In the meantime, cook the grits according to package instructions.  When fully cooked, stir in the mayonnaise.
     Divide the grits into bowls, spoon shrimp over the top, and dive in face first!

     Adapted from:  

     So so so good!  I loved it for lots of reasons but especially because it was light.  I ate plenty and didn’t feel like I had just gorged myself.  It was nothing like the shrimp and grits dressing I shared awhile ago, but it still had so much flavor.  If you aren’t quite sure what you want for dinner…make this soon.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Show & Tell

     So the other day as I’m perusing my Bloglovin I see a cutie little video post on Living in Yellow with a link back to A Momma’s Desires and Pacifiers.  As it turns out Raven is hilarious and was hosting this Show and Tell Vlog Link Up.  I’ve thought about doing a vlog before, but I’m a big scaredy cat and could never pluck up the courage, but this one looked so fun that I just couldn’t resist!
     Before we get to the video, let me just say…this was the most awkward thing I’ve ever done, and I hope you don’t think I sound like a total idiot!  If you’re visiting from the link up, welcome!  I hope you stick around for awhile (I will definitely visit your blog if you leave a comment), and if you’re one of my readers, I hope you don’t unfollow me for sounding so silly. 
     Here goes…

     Please ignore the lame app "app"licable joke.
     There you have it…I’m not even sure what else to say about it.  It was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be!  I can’t say I’ll be making it a regular thing, but I wouldn’t be opposed to doing this again sometime. 
     I’m now going to head over to the link up and check out a bunch of (hopefully/probably) new and fabulous blogs!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June Sponsors–Part 1

     I know I’ve already said this, but June…seriously; I just can’t believe it.  I have about a bazillion things going on right now, and I’m loving every bit of it!  That’s not what this post is about though.  I’m here to introduce two of my sponsors for this month (who I’m loving), so here goes.

Lindsay at Trial by Sapphire

03 DSC_1121

     I'm on a mission to create an eco-friendly lifestyle, share inspiration, and just have fun!  I may not be an incredibly crafty DIY mom or a trending  fashionista, but I'm living my best life which is all I could ever hope for.  I hope you'll drop by and say hi!

Blog // Twitter // Facebook

     Hello there lovely readers! I'm Bronwyn, and I blog over at Our Beautiful Blessings. Over at my blog, I write about life. The life of a newlywed. The life of a Christian. The life of a college student. The life of an etsy shop owner. I love to write, and I write in order to remember. I want to remember this time as a newlywed, and all that God is doing in my life. It's an incredible journey, and I hope you'll hop on over to my blog and spend a little time with me! 

     I am a newer reader of both of these blogs, but they are definitely worth the visit, and these ladies are too sweet!  I am so thankful that I got to work with Lindsay and Bronwyn this month, and I can’t wait to read more from each of them.  Stop by and leave them a little blog love!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


     Have you ever sat down to listen to the sermon and known immediately that the Lord directed the pastor to speak it just for you?  Let me just be honest for a minute…that happens to me almost every single Sunday.  The past few weeks we have been in an incredible series on prayer, and it has been really convicting. 
     I’ve always been a pray-er, so the concept itself has not convicted me, but the in-depth look into how we should be praying and where our hearts should be has just struck a real chord with me.  This week our pastor spoke on “Praying With Confidence and Compassion” (1 John 5:14 – 16).  I have always been amazed at how pastors are able to take such a seemingly small number of verses and extract such incredible wisdom and practicality. 
14 This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.  15 And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.  16 If you see any brother or sister commit a sin that does not lead to death, you should pray and God will give them life. I refer to those whose sin does not lead to death. There is a sin that leads to death. I am not saying that you should pray about that.
1 John 5:14 – 16 NIV
     I left the sanctuary so refreshed and really committed to Biblically-driven prayer.  Because this has really been on my heart lately (as has sharing my faith on my blog), I felt compelled to share this sermon with y’all. 

     1.  God hears you every time you pray.
               There have been so many times I have struggled with sadness or anxiety or even anger because I felt that God was ignoring my prayers – to put it simply, this is pure foolishness with a Biblical counterpoint.
12 Then he continued, “Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them.
Daniel 10:12
               Whether there is an immediate answer or not, the Lord promises us that He is listening and working do His will.  We can always have confidence in the Lord, provided that we are asking within His will.

     2.  Be open to the fact that what you want may not be within His will.
               We should be asking for His will to be our will, not for our will to happen to be His will for us.  The reason He’s “not” answering could be that our prayers are outside His will or far smaller than what He really desires for us. 

     3.  Pray with compassion.
               When we pray for other people, it is because we have been called to intercede on their behalf.  This is a call from God and should be treated carefully and respectfully.  Talking (even with other believers) or gossip about another’s struggle does not help.  Prayer does.
               Furthermore, we should be seeking the Heart Changer’s (I love this name for the Lord) will and work and not our own.
               When Paul instructed us to pray that “God will give them life,” he was telling us to go to battle in prayer for these people.  When we see our brothers and sisters pulling away from God and making dangerous decisions, we are supposed to pray the back from the ledge.

     Wow…I love experiencing a sermon that really touches my heart.  I have such a renewed commitment to my prayer life, and I’m so glad that I’m learning how to pray in accordance with the will of God.  I hope that there is some part of this that connects with each of you.  If you would like to hear more of this series, you can find it here.  If you have any questions or just want to know a little more about what all of this means, please feel free to shoot me an email.  I am definitely not a theologian, but I will do the best I can (even if it’s just pointing you to someone smarter than I am). 
      I am so excited about what God is doing in my life and in the life of my church, and I love sharing my heart with all of you this way.  I am praying that God touches each of your lives in a powerful way and that your prayer lives will be renewed.  

Cade's Cove

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Crafting

     If you’ve been reading for any length of time, you probably know that 99% of my crafts or sewing projects are done for my niece.  My most recent is surely no exception.  This week I made an adorable outfit for Della.  I’m not going to do a full-on tutorial because y’all know that I am no kind of fancy.  It’ll take about two sentences to explain the outfit…

The outfit is Garanimals from Wal-Mart, and the fabric is just what I had on hand.

     I love using the Garanimals shirts because it can be so hard to find simple, plain t-shirts (or any clothes really).  The skirt I just love.  It reminds me of something I would have worn when I was little, and it has lining sewn in so it won’t ride up.  That might be one of my biggest child clothing pet peeves (how sad that I have to distinguish from the regular ones) – skirts that have ridden up to underneath the armpits.

I didn’t sew on the edges of the green on purpose…

     I think that this is probably the tidiest one of my shirts has looked since I started making these.  I did not fight with my machine at all – it actually behaved itself!  There aren’t any crazy ugly knots on the opposite side either.  I didn’t use any Stitch Witchery this time either.  Even though it is so helpful for holding the design in place, the fabrics I used were pretty thin and it has a tendency to bleed through.  That being said…so proud of myself.
     Della said that it was a green cupcake with a button on it…close.  The buttons I just sort of fell into.  I have this little sewing stand with two cute little drawers that came from my grandmother’s house.  When I got it, I kept everything in it, and I knew this little vintage button would be the perfect cherry on top!

How cute is this?!

     I don’t have a picture of her in the outfit yet, but as soon as I do I’ll post it!  I made another little adorable for her to wear, but I didn’t even take a picture of it…lame.  I’ll post when I have one of those too.
     In totally unrelated news, I took my very last Praxis test today!  Of course I won’t find out what I made for another month, but at least I’m done.  Now all I have to think of relating to school is student teaching…and then graduation.  In six months I will be a college graduate and an almost real-live grown up. 
     Last little bit…beach countdown is officially on!  Nine weeks until  I am on my way and totally checked out for seven days!

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Music Fest

     Don’t get to excited y’all; it wasn’t the CMA Fest or anything.  Every year, my town holds the Shannon Street Music Fest (formerly Blues Fest).  Last weekend, Keith got to spend a few days here, and we got to have a real date…which is not all that common for us.
      I had a gift card to Chili’s left from my birthday, so we used that (…Southwest egg rolls – love) and then headed downtown.  The event used to be held in our Farmers’ Market Pavilion, but this year, they blocked off a big chunk of downtown which gave us a lot more space.  There were booths from local vendors, politicians, and little carnival games, and a big stage where they showcased some local talent.  To be quite honest, I didn’t pay a ton of attention to the music, but I go to events like this more for the atmosphere than the main focus.  My pictures aren’t great, but I thought I’d share them anyway…you’ll have to bear with the blurriness.

I know this is a little blurry, but it’s the best picture of us from the night.

This was the main area they had sectioned off.

A lot of people bring their chairs and sit on the lawn of the courthouse to see/hear the music.

My one pitiful picture of the stage…

     The weather was so perfect to just hang out outside.  I was worried that it was going to be oppressively hot, but I actually had to break out a pair of blue jeans!  We almost never get to do stuff like this between school and studying (his, not mine) and whatever else, and I was so happy to be able to just relax and be together for a little bit without thinking about class or a test or anything like that.  Days like that make me so excited to be married.  I know it won’t always be sunshine and daisies, but at least it’ll be a little more settled than what we have right now.  I think that will be so nice.
     This weekend (starting tonight) I’m going to be cooking shrimp and grits, giving two adorable outfits I made to Della, and taking my very last Praxis test!  I will obviously show you the outfits, and I can’t wait to make/eat/share the shrimp and grits!