Monday, June 25, 2012

Big Hair and Stupidity

     Before we begin, this is not an indictment on beauty queens, newscasters, or anyone else who typically has big hair…it’s an indictment on myself and my total inability to “do good hair” (ten points if you can guess the movie).  You may have heard me mention that I love big hair and that I’m totally incapable of doing my hair.  In fact, my last several “I Know and I Don’ts” have mentioned my situation.  While I do my best to ignore my pitiful-ness, when I receive an email like I did today, I get to face my problems head on…and hopefully win something fabulous.  I got an email from Misikko Beauty detailing their current giveaway.  Three lucky bloggers are being offered a chance to win $350 worth of products from their site!  How could you pass up that sort of opportunity?!
     The prompt suggests that you detail what you would buy and why if you were to win…and as someone who is a total drugstore beauty product/implement girl, this is like being in a candy store!


      My hair looks like this…every. single. day.  Is it an awful look?  No.  Is my hair terribly  unhealthy?  No.  Is this extremely boring day in and day out?  Absolutely. 
     To give you a little insight into what I do now:  1. wash hair with volumizing shampoo 2. blow dry with a regular old hair dryer 3. brush.  That is all.  On rare occasions I throw it in a ponytail.  While I am pretty hair implement clueless, I loved looking at all the goodies over at Misikko.  If I were to win, I would treat myself in a big, big way.

    First things first, a dependable hair dryer is a must.  You would think that with baby fine hair, I wouldn’t spend a lot of time drying…and you would be wrong.  For some reason I my hair holds onto water like a cactus in the desert.  If it can get it, it won’t let go.  The Hot Tools Professional Ionic Hair Dryer has amazing reviews and sounds like it might be just the thing for my mane.  (It will surely do better than the thing I have now…which has no brand and has been in my cabinet for years.)

     Let  me be honest…I don’t really straighten my hair a lot.  Like I said, it’s super fine, and my current straightener is very bulky and leaves my hair really limp.  This UNIL Infrashine flat iron with it’s 1” ceramic plates sounds perfect for my mess.  I love the look of curls done with a straightener and the smooth look of straight hair, but what I have now just isn’t doing it for me…  What I need most of all is some motivation, and some fab-o products like this are already making me excited!

     I have been dying for a decent curling iron, and I have heard nothing but good things about the Corioliss Clipless Wand Ceramic Curling Iron (.7”).  The curlers of the old days with a spring-loaded clip are just not doing it for me any more.  This little gem seems to give great curl without crushing half of it…or getting it stuck in the spring – ouch!

     Because I’m about to start student teaching (and then job hunting), I am really wanting to put my best foot (or hairstyle) forward.  The same old stuff just isn’t going to give me that edge that says, “I put extra effort into my hair…and everything else I do.”  Aaaaand, because I’m jumping head first into wedding stuff, I need to be looking my very best for engagement pictures and other wedding-y fun things.
     I always say I’m going to start doing something to my hair…just look at my 101 in 1001, but I never seem to drum up the motivation.  I would like to give a big, huge thank you to Misikko Beauty for lighting a fire under this girl.  I could definitely use a little sprucing up…or maybe just some sweet words of motivation!  Fingers crossed!


Bren said...

Hello! I found your blog on Jenna's commenting challenge. I chose to look at your blog because the title of it made me hungry :P

I also have hair issues, also make it look very boring every day...I just never know what to do with it!!! Glad I'm not the only one!

Megan said...

I found your blog on Jenna's blog. I feel you on the hair. I have very straight and flat hair and it hardly ever wants to cooperate with me, let alone hold a curl when I ask it to. I saw that you are getting married. Congrats! I just recently got married this year and I am in the middle of doing all of my wedding recaps. Good luck in all of your planning and just remember to have fun with it!

Kayla Cheatwood said...

Hey! Visiting from Jenna's, too! I can not fix my hair either! Hopelessly lost. Every year my NY's resolution is to learn how. Hasn't happened so far this year! :/

20 Going on 80 said...

My hair is a beast so I should probably enter this. I'm going to DIE (aka my hair) when I'm in Italy, and my apt doesn't have AC. And sharing a b-room with 8 girls. And it will be too hot to straighten my hurrr. Omgeez. Wish me luck. lol

Brittney said...

Stopping by from Jenna's. I keep seeing curling wands online and in stores, but I have never known anyone to use them. I''ll have to look up some Youtube vids and see how they work! I LOVE hair appliances! I just bought a triple barrel curling iron that is fun to play with.