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Dear Grant - Month 10

     Ten months is a big one…I’m not sure I’m ready! You are, though. You have been such a big boy this month. There has been a lot of playing and a lot of moving and a lot of noise. January is such a long month, but I really feel like we soaked it in!

     Between house projects and the end of Christmas break we were total homebodies this month. It suited you well though. You had lots of time to play with your new toys and hone your crawling skills. You’re still an army crawler, but I think you prefer it that way.

     Toward the end of the month, we noticed lots of pulling up and the beginnings of some cruising! I have no doubt that as soon as you build up a little confidence you’ll strike out on your own. You also found your voice this month…and it’s usually a whisper. You tell us “bye-bye” and wave, and it is the absolute sweetest. You’ve really nailed down “ma ma ma ma” and “da da da da,” too. You also say ball (sometimes). Are you a little more soft-spoken than your brother?

     You are still not a huge fan of food. You’ll eat sweet potatoes, and you tolerate peas and carrots. Crunchy carbs however? All. The. Time. You love crackers and cheerios and graham crackers and goldfish…but that’s not a complete meal.

Crunchy carbs
Being held
Biting your lovey

You are on.the.go. all the time.

Length: No new measurements…but big
Weight: The first thing people comment on
Head: Not small
Eating: 8 oz. at 6:00, 10:00, and 6:00 with food three times a day and two snacks…and a snack bottle at 2:00 (oink)
Sleeping: As always, 7:00 – 6:00ish with 1 or 2 naps

 You and your personality are getting so big.

Brother bears.

How are we already here?!