Monday, October 26, 2015

New House: The After Kitchen

     We are 92% done with the kitchen!  We still need to add a ceiling fan, a window treatment, and some art (and possibly do something with the table), but other than that, it’s brand spanking new!

IMG_1458Gray can be so hard to photograph!  The walls are a warm gray…not at all purple or blue.

IMG_1456My plan is to put a cornice board over the windows here that matches one I want to put in the dining room.  I need to go fabric shopping!

IMG_1451That hideoferous light fixture you see to the right there will be going shortly.  We’re going to put a ceiling fan there because #thesouth.  Also, it’s much brighter in here now.  Previously there was an ugly fixture that was teeny tiny and dim.  We picked a much larger, brighter light, and it has made all the difference.  It’s not the most beautiful  thing, but it almost disappears into the ceiling.  I can actually see to cook now!

IMG_1454I do not love the googly eyes above the sink, but I don’t know what the plan is for them yet.

IMG_1453It is just so much lighter in here now.

     I love how this room has turned out, and it’s not even done yet!  The laundry room also got painted and it feels so much nicer.  Keith did all the painting (because he’s a hero), and my mother put that yellow gourd on the vintage scale (because she’s a genius).  Assuming we ever actually buy that fan and make the window treatment, I’ll be back to show them off.
     We did our dining room this same color, and it looks so clean and pretty.  There are still quite a few things I want to do in there, but I’m loving it so far. Aaaaaaand we just finished painting the living room this weekend, and I don’t ever want to leave it.  Hold on to your hats people…I’ll be back soon.

Monday, October 19, 2015

New House: The Before Kitchen

     Keith and I are loving our new house, and we have had the best time making it our own!  I would definitely not call this house a fixer upper, but there is quite a bit that we want to do.  So far, we have tackled the kitchen, the dining room, and part of the living room.  We love coming home to a place that feels more like our own.  Let’s turn back time (bonus points to you if you just sang that like Cher) and take a look at what we were working with in the kitchen.


This is the view from the corner by door to the garage. Directly behind me is the laundry room.


Just slightly turned from the picture above. The laundry room is to my right now.


Now my back is to the living room…which is almost ready to show you!


I promise our house is level…apparently the camera was not.


By the time I got around to taking these, we had already slapped some samples on the walls.


I love this little laundry room.  That door leads to the back deck.


These two doors…our first projects.

IMG_1442  IMG_1444

When we first saw this house, the family living here had been using that teeny, tiny, skinny closet as the pantry.  The big one was a coat closet.  I don’t know if maybe they didn’t cook a lot or were part plant and lived on water and sunshine, but I need more space for my food.  Right after we moved in, Keith and my brother-in-law picked up a shelf kit and turned the big closet into a spacious and beautiful pantry…that makes more sense than a coat closet.

     As much as we all loved the brownish gold (except not), my new kitchen is much more me.  Is anyone here taking bets on how long it will take me to write that post? 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dear Davis–4 Months

     Oh Davis.  I say it every month, but you are the absolute best!  You are sweet and fun and precious.  I’m a few days late with this monthly, but I wanted to wait until our doctor’s appointment, so I could have all of your latest stats.  We are definitely in a honeymoon stage with you, and I love it!


     This month was a big one!  You’ve really cemented this whole rolling over thing.  As soon as I lay you down, you roll right to your belly.  It’s the strangest roll I’ve ever seen.  Most babies like to stretch out, so it’s easy to roll over their arm…not you, Peanut.  You squeeze your arms to your side, and power roll straight over.  It’s hilarious.  You can go belly to back, but it’s taken a backseat to the more fun option of back to belly.  As soon as you get on your belly, you grunt and push your knees into the floor because you want so badly to move.  You grunt and lift up your arms and legs like Superman.  I have a feeling you’ll be pushing or army crawling very soon.  Natalie and Granny have bet the you’ll be crawling by Christmas.  You’ve also figured out those hands.  You can grab and push and squeeze (and scratch).  When you’re on your mat, you grab at all the hanging toys and pull so hard it looks like they might break off!  You absolutely love to sit up, but you can’t quite do it alone.  You are so close though!
     You almost never spit up anymore, and you’ve learned how to spit and blow bubbles into your bottle.  You are still so intense, but I love every minute of it!  We learned this month that you are definitely cold natured.  You cannot stand to catch a chill, so at night, we keep you very bundled up.  You are so fun and sweet and happy, and I love showing you off to everyone!

IMG_1906You really think you can hold your bottle.

IMG_1907I’m afraid you’re going to break these little things off!

IMG_1923You love sitting up…for about 3 minutes.  Then you arch your back and try to jump out.

Kooky Raccoo
Putting everything into your mouth
Rolling over

IMG_1925The carrier is our new favorite way to carry your around stores.  You get to see everything, and I get full use of the buggy and my hands!


Length: 25 in. (50th percentile)
Weight: 14 lb. 3 oz. (25th percentile) You’ve gained almost 5 pounds in 2 months!
Head: 43 (75th percentile)
Eating: 6 oz. every 3 hours. Moo.
Sleeping: 7:00ish to 6:00ish. No hard and fast nap schedule…but you’re pretty good at it.

You make the sweetest faces.

     Your doctor thinks you’re doing great! Of course I agree.  She told us that we can start introducing some food this month, and I cannot wait!  You are becoming such a little person with the best personality, and we are so thankful for you.  You are the perfect fit for our family, and make us so proud!  I love watching you grow!

It is seriously so hard for me to narrow down these pictures every month.

Seriously? I could not love you more.