New House: The After Kitchen

     We are 92% done with the kitchen!  We still need to add a ceiling fan, a window treatment, and some art (and possibly do something with the table), but other than that, it’s brand spanking new!

IMG_1458Gray can be so hard to photograph!  The walls are a warm gray…not at all purple or blue.

IMG_1456My plan is to put a cornice board over the windows here that matches one I want to put in the dining room.  I need to go fabric shopping!

IMG_1451That hideoferous light fixture you see to the right there will be going shortly.  We’re going to put a ceiling fan there because #thesouth.  Also, it’s much brighter in here now.  Previously there was an ugly fixture that was teeny tiny and dim.  We picked a much larger, brighter light, and it has made all the difference.  It’s not the most beautiful  thing, but it almost disappears into the ceiling.  I can actually see to cook now!

IMG_1454I do not love the googly eyes above the sink, but I don’t know what the plan is for them yet.

IMG_1453It is just so much lighter in here now.

     I love how this room has turned out, and it’s not even done yet!  The laundry room also got painted and it feels so much nicer.  Keith did all the painting (because he’s a hero), and my mother put that yellow gourd on the vintage scale (because she’s a genius).  Assuming we ever actually buy that fan and make the window treatment, I’ll be back to show them off.
     We did our dining room this same color, and it looks so clean and pretty.  There are still quite a few things I want to do in there, but I’m loving it so far. Aaaaaaand we just finished painting the living room this weekend, and I don’t ever want to leave it.  Hold on to your hats people…I’ll be back soon.

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