Dear Grant–3 Months

     Grant Wilson, you are such a good THREE MONTH OLD. We have been soaking up our summer together, and you are just along for the ride and enjoying every minute! You are becoming much less of a newborn and more of a baby, and I love to watch you become more of yourself!


     For your brother, month three was all about personality, and you are following right along. You are still so sweet and happy and pleasant, but you are just showing it a little more these days. You are getting more smiley too! You’ve also been rolling back to belly a lot. You roll onto your belly and then do a superman fly or kick your legs. You still seem a little calmer than Davis was, but no less physical! Your happy personality is so precious to us.

     You’ve also figured out how to put your hands in your mouth. This is all you. Davis wasn’t too mouthy with his hands and toys, but you’ve been more interested. You finally outgrew your swaddle (even though you still need it), so I got you a swaddle sack, and you’ve been good to go. The past few days you’ve tried to wake up once at night, but we just pop that buddy right back in your mouth and back to sleep you go. I am crossing my fingers that our beach trip next week doesn’t mess you up too badly!

You spent most of Preschool Bible Camp strapped on me in your carrier, but you looked really cute.

You and Davis are such buds lately.

I have been waiting to put you in this suit since we found out you were a boy! Davis wore it too, and I loooove the cap so much! Your daddy…not so much.

Your Hands
Being Held

Length: No new measurements, but definitely longer (pretty squarely in 3 – 6 month clothes…or 6 month)
Weight:Keeping up for sure
Head: Not small
Eating: 6 oz. every 3 hours (4 if you’re asleep…but mostly 3)
Sleeping: 7:30 – 5:30/6:00 with a nap about 2 hours after you eat

     I keep talking about how mellow you are because it’s kind of foreign to me! Davis was sweet, but so intense. By comparison you’ve been a cuddly teddy bear. I am so curious about how your personality will change as you get older (but please never grow up). Also standby for picture overload…

IMG_0773  IMG_0775  IMG_0776IMG_0781  IMG_0788  IMG_0782
Your happy face!

IMG_1879[4]  IMG_0785
People keep saying you look alike, but I think you’re just your own person.

IMG_0406  IMG_0617  IMG_0786

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