Saturday, September 5, 2015

Dear Davis–3 Months

     Sweet Baby Davis!  You are three months old…actually you were three months old three days ago!  I say it every month, but I just can’t believe it.  You are beautiful and so, so fun!  Your personality has come out in a big way this month, and it is so fun to watch.


     We have settled into such a great routine this month.  You are the best eater and the best sleeper, and you are finally learning to play…sort of.  You love your play mat and make the sweetest noises. You’re really kind of loud.  You coo and goo and babble, and don’t even get me started on your laugh – the best!  You discovered your hands and want nothing more than to keep them in your mouth.  You wouldn’t let me get a single picture of your precious smile…your hands tasted far too delicious.  A few weeks ago you learned to roll over.  Everyone keeps asking if you went belly to back, but that wouldn’t do for you!  You rolled side to side, pinned your elbows to your sides, grunted, and rolled right over!  You don’t do it very often during the day, but every night your roll over at least once and wake yourself up.  Last weekend you finally learned to go from belly to back.  You go so fast because you really don’t love being on your belly.  As soon as I put your on your tummy, you flip right over.  You haven’t put it together yet, but I know it won’t be long. 
     You are doing so great at daycare!  Your teachers love you, and you smile so big to see them every morning.  I know you’re in a great place, and I’m so excited to watch everything you learn.  They keep telling me how strong you are. I think five or six people have said that now!  It’s because you push off with your legs like a rocket.  You can pretty much go wherever you want.  We’re in for it when you figure out how to really get going!

I can see how tense you are in this picture.  You never relax because you want to move all over!

I had to sit you straight up…you want to see everything.

You love stroller rides!

Oh your daddy did not love this outfit. He may have even said the cap looked like a girl Pilgrim bonnet, but you were so precious! You’ll wear this again and again until I can’t squeeze you into it anymore! You are so handsome!

Kooky Raccoo
Pretending to stand up
Going outside

Be still my heart.

Length: We haven’t measured since your last appointment, but I feel like you’re getting a lot longer!
Weight: 12 lb. according to the scale at Granny’s house
Head: We haven’t measured since your last appointment, but I’m sure it’s keeping up.
Eating: 5 oz. every three hours and 6 oz. in the morning and at night. Oink.
Sleeping: You are the best! You sleep from about 7:30 to 6:00 and only wake up when you flip over.

     You are the most fun little part of our family!  You are growing like a weed, and every day you know so much more.  I can’t believe we’re moving into our fourth month with you.  I can barely even look at you without smiling!  My heart is so full.  I want to know all about who you’re going to be…but I love watching who you are now.

I was able to narrow this down slightly, but I make no apologies for picture overload!


#allthehearteyes I love you so much!

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