Dump Trucks and Donuts

     Now that Davis is officially three, with the blog post to prove it, I guess it’s high time I show off his party. We did the party on the deck like last year, but this time we wised up and had a morning party. Those few hours saved us a few degrees and a little humidity (not much).

     Since we opted for a morning party, we went with a Dump Trucks and Donuts theme. Davis is majorly into trucks of all kinds, and I knew dump trucks were near the top of the list. (I got the donut idea from my sister.) With our plan to build him a rock box for his birthday, the theme was perfect, and it turned out so cute!


     I used my Silhouette to make the banner (and am ignoring the wrinkles…). We kept the food simple and breakfasty: donuts, donut holes, fruit, and sausage muffins. For dump trucks I obviously went diving under Davis’s bed #boymom. Davis has had a photo display at his party every year, and this year was no exception – caution tape for the win.


     Our deck isn’t huge, so we didn’t need much more in the way of decorations. A few dump trucks placed here and there and done! We came for the donuts anyway.

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Matching party shirts for the rest of your lives. Get used to it.

     There was a definite trend in presents this year – sports! He’s got all the equipment he could ever need! The highlight, however, is the rock box…and Keith who made it based on some vague instructions from me!


Everyone took a turn in here! Keith is a serious hero. (Although…I did go get the gravel.)


     Three years. It has been the longest, shortest, wildest, best three years of our lives. Davis Malcolm is the most amazing, intense, fun boy in the world, and I love being his mom. He was so sweet and thankful to everyone at his party, and I was so proud to see him have his day. He is fun and funny and wonderful, and we can’t get enough! Watching him grow is the most incredible job I could ask for, and we are in such a sweet spot. In other news, I will not be allowing him to turn four. Not going to happen.

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