Dear Davis–Three Years

     Davis Malcolm, why on earth did I let you turn three?! You are such a wild and wonderful big boy now. In the days before your birthday I asked you again and again if you would please go backwards, but you would not go for it! Three has been such a big year for you, and I have loved watching you grow and become a big brother.

     You have been the best big brother, exceeding everything I could have hoped for! You love Grant so much and are gentle and helpful. I am so excited to see your relationship as you both get older. I can tell that three is going to be a big year for you!


     You are still a big talker and have so many questions. We sometimes say that you try to know too much. Once you learn something new, you file it away and remember it forever…you are an instant “expert” at everything. You know all your letters and numbers and what they look like and what sounds they make and what letter belongs to what person. You amaze me!

     We’ve done so many fun things lately, and you have had the best time! We swam again for the first time this season…you remembered how to do everything. We went to the zoo…you were a champ! We are talking about the beach again…and you are so ready!

You are always so proud of yourself, and I love that about you!

Any nerves I may have had about the big brother transition have gone completely out the window. You are a great helper to us and so attentive and interested in Grant.

Cars and Trucks
Running and Jumping
Asking Questions
Your Family (you are about your people)


Length: 37/38ish in. (50th percentile)
Weight: 31 lb. 12 oz. (54th percentile)
Head: They don’t measure anymore…but probably still upper 90s
Eating: Like a toddler. You love pasta, beans, fruit, chips, cheese, grilled chicken, and lots of other things! The only time dinner is a battle is when you want to be in charge…….
Sleeping: Still an early riser, but I’m beginning to accept it. You’re also starting to drop your afternoon nap. You don’t always need it (but I do).

Your first school program! You did so great! We could hear you singing over everyone else. You definitely earned your ice cream afterward.

Sometimes nap time isn’t long enough.

You’re such a little boy these days with your muscles and super powers.

I love when you teach me about the fruit of the spirit (and real fruit).

     This year has been HUGE! You are more than I ever hoped for in every way. Being your mama is the job of a lifetime, and I am so very thankful for you. I am still so excited to watch you learn and grow into a big brother and a big kid. You are my favorite big boy in the world. You told me that you’ll “be four soon,” but that’s never going to happen.

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