Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New House: The Before Dining Room

     When we were looking at houses, it was not all that important to me that we have a dining room.  We are not entertainers, and if people do come over, they are welcome to eat on the furniture just like we do.  When Davis is a little older, we can all sit at the kitchen table.  In spite of all that, the house we found (and love) has a dining room.  It opens to the kitchen and the living room.
     We knew we wouldn’t use this for dining all that often (although we have occasionally), so I was envisioning more of a dining/office/workroom (you know for all my crafting lesson planning).  That is not what we moved into.  In my haste to get some paint on the walls, I did not take a single before picture, so these are from the listing photos.

Dining Room

     That’s all I’ve got, folks.  The previous owners left the window treatments and the light fixture.  We promptly removed both.  I knew going in that we wanted to rotate the layout (just like we did in the living room), so that everything was facing the front of the house.  We used the same paint in here as we did in the kitchen, and it really helps the navy living room not feel quite so dark.
     We had no dining room furniture when we moved, but rather than buying a whole suite, we found some pieces here and there to make this space more functional.  I’ve been doing my blogging, lesson planning, and the occasional craft in here.  It’s like I’m a supermom…   I’m still on the hunt for some more chairs, but I will be back soon(ish) with an after(ish) post.

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