Monday, April 21, 2014

I’m Amazed

     One day late – Happy Easter!  We had such a great weekend celebrating at church and with family.  I was reminded over and over again the serve a living God who took on this life and  a very real death to overcome for us.  I’m amazed.  I’m always amazed.  God has been been doing an extra great job of reminding me of Himself lately. 

Sorry for the fuzzy phone picture…I left my camera at home.

     I was so pleased (gigantic understatement) that we actually had nice weather for Easter!  Usually it’s kind of cold and dreary, but Sunday was absolutely perfect.  The kind of springtime you wish would stick around for awhile.  Now that we’ve officially turned the corner as far as the weather goes, I’ve warned Keith that my clothes will be getting progressively brighter as the weeks pass.  What is springtime if not a chance to look like a flower?  I’ve packed away all of my winter clothes and will be frolicking about in seersucker, bright colors, floral prints, and every other Southern springtime cliché.  If they made smocked dresses for grown people I might throw that on too…kidding. 
     I hope to be out, about, and doing a little more now that being outside doesn’t give me the seasonal depression.  I’ve got big plans for the next few months, and if you’re lucky, I might share them with you…or forget and bring you up to speed later.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

April Updates

     In the time I’m not blogging, I’m living life…or sitting on the couch.  For instance, today, Keith and I took his favorite new toy out to the lake and went fishing.  Correction: he went fishing, and I went sitting in the sun.


     Keith was a little (a lot) disappointed by the wind and lack of biting fish.  I, on the other hand, was quite thrilled with the sun…as evidenced by my super cute new tan lines.  I’m considering this little trip my “school is almost over, and I’m really tired, but I can make it to the end of the year” trip.
     We needed a little break this weekend after the heavy sort of week we had.  You know I usually keep things pretty light over here on le blog, but we’ve had a rough week.  My sweet Nana passed away this Tuesday, and even though we have incredible peace to know that she is in Heaven, it’s still pretty sad here.  To say she was a character is an incredibly ridiculous understatement, and we are definitely missing her.  I am very thankful that our God answers prayers and that we do not have a “peace allowance” that can be used up.  When we ask, He answers.  Period.  Isn’t that incredible?  My  mind has been on Heaven a lot lately, and I have had such joy thinking of  what God has in store for us.

     In other news…less than 30 days left of the school year.  What?!  I can’t believe it.  Cannot.  Believe. It.  Am I the only one just about to burst ready for some warm weather and relaxation?  I can almost hear summer calling my name.