Dear Grant–2 Months

     Baby Grant, you went and turned two whole months old! You are such a big boy this month. We have loved getting to see more of your personality and can’t wait to see you come into your own even more.


     You are still such a good baby. We are so thankful! You started sleeping through the night around 7 weeks, and I am so happy! We were hanging in there with interrupted sleep, but a good rest is making a big difference. I wanted to graduate you from the swaddle (since Davis broke out at 6 weeks and never looked back), but you want to wake up and kick and play without it…back into the burrito for you!

     You are getting much better at playing now that you can focus a little bit better, and you are tolerating your tummy time like a champ! Since about 5 weeks you’ve been able to fling yourself from belly to back if you were propped up on a pillow, but in the past few days you’ve been rolling over for real! You took a more mellow path than your brother, but we are not complaining.

We celebrated Mother’s Day with your baby dedication, and I will never forget how sweet you looked…or how you spit up in my hand in front of the congregation. We are thankful for friends whipped a burp cloth out to save the day…and your suit.

Your play mat (usually)
Being outside
Being held
The rug in your room (it’s black and white)

I will hold you to sleep foreverrrrrr.

Length: 23.5 in. (67th percentile), also outgrowing 3 month clothes in length
Weight: 12 lb. 3 oz. (42nd percentile)
Head: 41.25 cm. (95th percentile), I knew it had grown!
Eating: 5 oz. every 3 hours
Sleeping: ALL NIGHT LONG with several naps (usually one about an hour and a half after each bottle)

     We are seeing glimpses of your personality this month. You are pretty serious, but not unpleasant. You smile a lot for me, but aren’t as willing to show other people. You have a happy face and usually look pleased, but you’re definitely sizing everyone up. I can’t wait to see who you are.

There will come a day when I can’t squish you two into this chair together…but today is not that day!

IMG_0612[1]  IMG_0613[1]  IMG_0615[1]

IMG_0616[1]  IMG_0621[1]  IMG_0623[1]
Davis always wants to jump in. I hope he always does!

[IMG_1812%255B6%255D.jpg]  MHRA1922[1]
This is my favorite part of blogging now!

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