Fake #plantlady

     I used to think I had a black thumb…then I realized that the only things I can’t grow are flowering plants. (Weird, but true.) The past few seasons I have had such a great time buying all the leafy green things. No trip to Lowe’s (and there are many) is complete without a trip around the garden center, and I’ve even branched out (plant pun not intended) to an actual nursery a time or two.

We’re plant people now!

     I love filling up the leaning garden Keith built for our porch, and have developed quite the terra cotta pot collection.  When I had a little luck outside, I thought the natural next step would be to move some plants inside. Plants make a room feel homier and brighter…and then I realized that I live in the most poorly lit house in America. We face north and south, which is great for our utility bills, but miserable for our plants. No room gets enough sunlight to keep much of anything alive.

     I’ve got some mother-in-law tongues, but was needing some variety…some indestructible variety. Enter Commercial Palm Trees. I’ve got to tell you, I have always been hesitant about artificial plants of any kind. I have seen more than enough dust covered ficus trees and faux greenery to last a lifetime, but a quick trip to the website, and I could tell (1) this was not a scam, and (2) these plants looked real! Commercial Palm Trees has a huge selection of products and services and the customer service I received was amazing.


     I selected these adorable boxwood topiaries and could not be more pleased with them. The glazed pots were included and are the perfect neutral. As soon as they arrived, I knew they would be perfect just about anywhere. For now, I have one on my mantel and one in the dining room on my favorite giant basket tray.

Ignore the fact that it looks like we’re on the surface of the sun and focus on my boxwood!

     I never thought I was the artificial plant type (is that a type of person?), but these boxwoods might be changing my mind. If you’re in the market for artificial plants…and you should be, they are kind of having a moment right now…use my code BLOGGER10 for 10% off any product (excluding custom). They’ve got a huge selection of all kinds of plants, so you’ll be able to find something great no matter your style! Are you a #plantlady too? Let me know what you find!

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