Sunday, March 25, 2018

Third Trimester Faves: Round Two

     Here we are again…trimester three. I’ve finished work, and even though it seems like baby is just around the corner, mamas know that the third trimester lasts approximately 65,498,279,874 days. All of the house work is done…literally all. I washed everything…and I dusted. This pregnancy has been really similar to my last, but I am definitely feeling like a hugely pregnant toddler mom right about now.

I’m due tomorrow…tomorrow, and even though I don’t feel like he’ll come on time, I’m hopeful/anxious/frustrated/ready/not ready/super pregnant/maternal/do I even remember how to do this…


How far along?  40 weeks…40. Y’all, I can’t

How big is baby?  Watermelon – which apparently means over 20 inches and 7 pounds. Fully baby-sized.

Gender?  #boymom…although I do know a couple at church who was told boy and got a HUGE delivery room surprise…so I’m a little paranoid. But what are the odds of that? No, seriously, what are the odds?

Sleep?  Sleep is oooookaaaayyyyy. I have to flip over a lot, and I’m usually up at least once a night. Also the weather combined with pregnancy has my nose so stuffy…so that’s pleasant for sleeping. Oh, and I drool a lot…I’m so glamorous.

Maternity clothes?  Some. I did get two amazing pairs of maternity leggings (one pair from Dirt Cheap!), and I pretty much wear a maternity cami under all my clothes.

Davis selected this for hat day…so not what I was planning, but seriously adorable. He is so cool.

Symptoms?  Just general end of pregnancy largeness. My feet have been swelling some, and my back is so sore, but it’s all just par for the month 9 course. Also, I’ve randomly not gained any weight the last two weeks…I’m not sure if it means anything, but I’m curious to see how it all plays out.

Movement?  Lots! He is verrrry low and spends a lot of time moving in the lower right part of my belly…almost my thigh. He prefers my right side; I remember that Davis did too.

Wedding rings on or off?  It totally depends on the day and how much water I’ve had…but mostly off because I’m afraid.

Cravings or aversions?  Give me all the cereal. Now.

What I miss?  Not always being sore and sleeping on my back.

Best moment?  Friday was my last day of work for this year…what?! It feels so weird not to be going back after Spring Break!


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