Friday Favorites

     Fri-YAY! It has been a slow climb to spring break, but we’ve made it and could not be more ready for this week!  I was all set to enjoy Fun Friday by scrubbing my classroom for the last hour of the day, but a text from Davis’s teacher yesterday about a little temp changed our plans.  I do NOT love a sinus infection, but an extra day to rest is so welcome!


     I have done all.the.laundry. and introduced Davis to ranch dressing…so I’d say the weekend is off to a good start! 

     In unrelated news, my sister and I have been doing Whole30 for the last 13 days, and they have been the longest 13 days of my life…That’s not entirely true, but it is requiring a lot of thought and a lot of tiny label reading.  All things considered, I am actually enjoying it! The food is good, and there is almost nothing I love more than a sense of accomplishment…except a cupcake.

I’m still waiting on my tiger blood.

     Bouncing to yet another topic, we are moving Davis into a big boy bed this weekend…y’all. A big boy bed! I cannot wait to see how it goes. He is going to be so cute and tiny in it. I will try to get around to taking some pictures once it’s all put up and done.


     He is turning into such a big boy lately! Its almost time to start thinking about a birthday party…for my two year old. Can’t. He is my favorite little boy on Earth.


     This post is turning into follow the bouncing ball (the bouncing ball being my train of thought). Ignore my dirty mirror and focus instead on my Teen Witch vibes. I’m trying to become a nighttime showerer to save those few precious moments in the morning, and I may or may not have found a hairdo that works for me. This is big news! I’m flipping my hair over and doing three braids (regular not French) and then twisting it into a topknot (yellow, terry cloth scrunchy recommended). This is seriously life changing. I have so much more time to apply eyeliner and drink coffee! Praise. Hands.

Capture 2

     I’ve also made it my mission to make plaid appropriate for work as often as possible. With a pair of skinny pants and some sassy jewelry, no one will know that it’s a hand-me-down that feels like pajamas. I just can’t do business-like. Simply cannot. Elementary teachers (and just people in general) should be able to move. Done and done.


     Alright y’all…I’ve got to wake this boy up from a nap and see where the weekend takes us. What does one do when one has done all the laundry and cleaned the floors? This is a sense of freedom I’m not familiar with – happy weekend indeed!

Friday Favorites

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