Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Davis’s Wish List

     School is finally out, and I am so excited for this season with my family!  For the first time (probably ever), I’m done buying and almost done wrapping, so I can actually have this time to rest and enjoy the break!  Davis has already gotten to open a few presents, but I can.not.wait. until Christmas Day for him to really let loose!

     Last year he had a fun time, but he was still too little to really “get” present opening.  This year, he knows that inside that paper there is something for him to play with!  I thought I might put together a little list of some of the things we’ve asked Santa for (and a few things that Santa has already bought).

Davis's Christmas List

1. Mega Bloks Mike the Mixer – Davis has three of the Mega Blok trucks (“crucks”) and the wagon, and we looove them. The blocks are the perfect size for little hands, and the trucks are just really cute! I saw this one at Target a few weeks ago and knew he would have a ball with it!

2. Eric Carle Books – I  listed only a few (here, here, here), but then I modified our list to say any of them! Davis is very into books, and he has a few that do something fun at the end or are interactive, so Eric Carle will be right up his alley.

3. Llama Llama Books – Again, we love a book around here, and I have a soft spot for Llama.  We have Llama Llama Hoppity Hop, and we’ve got it completely memorized…and Davis thinks llamas say “hop.”

4. Melissa & Doug Puzzles – Davis has gotten really good at “puzzies” lately, and the I love the quality of Melissa & Doug! The farm animal one will be an immediate hit, but I have noticed him pretend counting lately, so the clock would be a fun addition too!

5. Noah’s Ark Books – Y’all…I can’t quit with the books! I picked out a few Noah books to go with the ark he’s getting.

6. Little People Noah’s Ark – Davis is obsessed with an animal of any kind, and I know he will have such a fun time playing with these! He has a few Little People toys, but one can never have too many animals!

     These are just a few of the things we’ve bought or asked for…but Santa may have another little something for under the tree!  I am so excited for Davis to play and have fun this Christmas, but I am even more excited to see him learn about what it really means.  We are taking lots of minutes to talk about baby Jesus and read books about Christmas. 
     One of my favorite Christmas traditions is reading the Christmas story in Luke 2 before bed on Christmas Eve, and I can’t wait to read out of one of Davis’s nativity books too!  What a special time that we get to do all of the fun things and still hopefully plant a few seeds as well!

Merry almost Christmas everyone!

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