Saturday, September 3, 2016

Updates and Latelies

     Y’all…life keeps you busy.  Also we’ve been binge watching Breaking Bad, so I’ve taken a mental leave to fully immerse myself.  So good.  I will be crushed when it’s over.  Aaaaaand The Walking Dead  starts back soon, so I can’t promise regular posting.  What else is new?

IMG_3307  IMG_3417

     My baby buddy went to the beach!!!  As soon as he figured out  that he really could walk on the sand, he loved it!  He was such a good beach baby.  As long as he had a drink and a snack at all times, he was totally set!  Also, that fishing shirt he’s wearing.  So many  heart eyes.  He looks like a little MAN!


     Davis and I started back to school a month ago…he handled the transition better than I did I think.  I’m still sort of a zombie.  He loves his big boy class and is sleeping on a mat.  Darling.  We went to the doctor for his FIFTEEN MONTH check up yesterday, and he is 75th percentile in weight (chunk), 50-75th in height, and…drumroll please…95th in head.  He is a big ol boy and I love him!


     We’re starting this looooong weekend right.  A sassy topknot for some Farmers Market donuts and empanadas #breakfastofchampions and some sort of secret project that Keith is working on.  He won’t let me in the garage and keeps sneaking out there to work.  He knows that I do NOT like surprises, so he tries to be as sneaky as possible as often as possible.  I’m sure I’ll be back to blog Instagram about the result. 

Here’s to a long weekend, coming out of blog hiding, and sneaky husbands!

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