We are basically halfway through the summer (also, we’re not discussing that) and still having the best time!  We aren’t doing anything really specific enough to warrant its own blog post, but I thought I would share a few latelies – a summer scrapbook of sorts.

IMG_3144  IMG_3160

     Davis has been making excellent use of his birthday presents!  He makes a mean plastic hamburger.  When it’s not 8524% humidity, we like to go outside for a little bit.  Davis has decided it’s his favorite thing ever and stands at the door pointing and crying when we are inside. 

     In other news, parents of the world, do NOT underestimate the power of a pan of water and plastic cups!  Davis loves splashing and pouring and stirring.  He also loves to pick up the entire pan and dump it out…game over.

IMG_3165Does anybody else feel this way when the pasta is gone?  Just me?

IMG_3174  IMG_3179

     These are from separate trips, but grocery shopping with toddlers is an Olympic event.  We mostly shop at Kroger and because of how the straps are attached to the cart, Davis doesn’t really fit to be buckled… He spends most of  his time sitting sideways and turning around to survey the buggy.  I spend most of my time carrying on conversation with him and forgetting half of my list.  Grocery shopping also counts as exercise.  A buggy with Davis plus two weeks worth of groceries is heavy…

IMG_3181  IMG_3185

     Davis has free reign in the house and still chooses to sit directly atop my personal space.  #toddlers.  I know I’ll miss these days when he’s big and kind of smelly and doesn’t want to sit by me…but right now I kind of miss my furniture.  Currently, he’s obsessed with books and anything that makes noise. 

     I am loving all this time we’re getting to spend together!  I love seeing him learn new things (like what a pig says – “ack-ack”, and where his belly is).  We have t minus two weeks until we head to the beach, and I. cannot. wait.  I love the beach for myself…but I can’t wait to see Davis see it!  We are so close!!!

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