Show and Tell Tuesday: My Style

     Today I’m linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.  We’re talking personal style…so this will basically be the comedy hour.  I do not buy clothes very often, and I tend to mix and match things I’ve had for yearssss.  There are things I’m wearing that I’ve had since high school (big eyes emoji). 

     My style philosophy is, “I wear what I like.”  If I’m shopping for clothes, I’m looking at the clearance rack first (sometimes only) and always looking for a coupon or sale of some kind.  I don’t stick to one “style,” and I definitely wouldn’t categorize myself as preppy or boho or hipster or whatever else the kids are calling it these days.

IMG_2275  IMG_2313  IMG_2350
The top left is me on any given day.  The shirt was a $7 clearance rack find, and the pants are my trusty yoga pants (not for yoga).
The middle is what I tend to look like at work in the cooler months.  I wear those black skinny pants waaayyyy too much.  Both cuffs are held up with safety pins (shame).
The far right was a snow themed outfit that I wore to convince the weather to give us a snow day…it worked AND a third grader told me I looked like a princess #winning.  Also my top knot was especially alive that day.

     I’m an elementary school teacher, so for work I like things that are comfortable and don’t need to be fiddled with all day.  I rarely use the iron, so an outfit gets bonus points if it doesn’t tend to wrinkle.  An outfit gets double bonus points if it came from the clearance rack.  I may or may not have 6+ articles of clothing from Walgreens…

IMG_2512  IMG_2680  IMG_2674 
Always accessorize with a baby.  No one will be looking at you.

IMG_2794These pants from Walgreens are everything.  I have three pairs of them, and they are my lifetime.  I wore them until I was literally nine months pregnant…and also now when I am not.

     I like a little of everything…when it’s warm, I wear a lot swishy shorts and tshirts, and when it’s cool I wear a lot of blue jeans and yoga pants.  Much fashionista.

      If I’m feeling a little bland, I add in scarves or jewelry.  Jewelry is a newer staple for me.  I’ve had a lot of what I wear for a while, but it wasn’t until recently that I really started wearing it.  The most embarrassing example of this is a set of silver and gold skinny bangle bracelets that I’ve probably had since middle school (I think they came from Claire’s…I’m hiding my face now!). 

IMG_2373 IMG_2394 IMG_2497
That leopard scarf is my spirit animal.  I wore it so much this fall/winter.  The green shirt came from the men’s department at Walmart.
The shirt, pants, and jacket in the second picture all came from Old Navy (many years apart).
The gray shroud is one of my all time favorite purchases ever.  It came from Kohl’s and is so cozy.

IMG_2517  IMG_2548
IMG_2683  IMG_2846
Fun fact…the day I wore those aviators, the bag boy at Kroger told me I was “swaggin’” #streetcred

     I have two pairs of Kate Spade studs (bought on sale…) and several pairs of knock offs that came from Wal-Mart (for $1 – $3 apiece!).  They make a big statement!  Walmart has been stepping up their game lately in clothes and jewelry.  Are you following Whoa, Wait. Walmart? on Instagram yet? Do it.

IMG_2851  IMG_2852
I almost moved my husband’s deer box thing…but this is real life.  He probably doesn’t like my jewelry out anymore than I like his deer head box.  I did not realize what a problem I had with those studs until this picture…and I know for a fact that there’s a kelly green pair in my purse.  Big eyes. 
I wore that monogram necklace at our wedding reception, and it was one of my favorite parts of our day!

In the past few years, I’ve developed a fondness for necklaces too.  One of my favorites is the tortoise shell links (far left).

     Jewelry is installtion art.  Keith hangs antlers and animals on the walls…I hang jewelry.  Marriage.  All of my necklaces are organized by “theme.”  Aaaaand I feel like a mental patient for admitting that.

     This is my “style” in a nutshell (a large nutshell…coconut shell).  I wear what I like…even if it’s $5 and 7 years old.  I might be tempted to describe all this as “eclectic,” but if we’re being truthful, “mess” is probably a better word!  I’m a fairly confident mess who believes that more is more and anything is a neutral if you will to be so!  I carried a hot pink purse for many months and called it neutral.

     Also to be noted, my husband laughs at my clothes at least once a week, but we can’t all wear scrubs every day…one of us has got to keep things interesting!

Thanks for stopping by, ladies!  Now if we could only go back about 5 years, I could tell you where to get all this stuff!

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emily @ a little bit of emily said...

Haha, I love that you were "swaggin" at Kroger! Too funny! That honestly would have made my day! Love all your fun jewelry - I always wear the same items over and over again!