School’s Out & I Actually Have Time to Blog

     In the words of Alice Cooper, “School’s out foreverrrrrr!”  My last day of work was last Friday, and I am footloose and fancy free for the next eight weeks…except for on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I work at the daycare.  But compared to school life, that is being fancy free.

     We kicked off our summer with our churchwide picnic Sunday night, and Davis had the best time!  Usually late evening is a tricky time for him, but when you’re surrounded by your people and a petting zoo, it’s #nobedtimenoproblem.  Also he learned what a chocolate chip cookie is…

Y’all…that picture of him with the cookie.  I cannot.

     The rest of this week, we’re going to work on cutting out the morning nap, buying birthday presents, and planning a FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!  I am equal parts weepy and happy (and all the other dwarves too).  We cannot wait to celebrate sweet Davis Malcolm!

     In other unrelated news, I took a wild shot in the dark and opened a shop on Storenvy.  For the past few months I’ve been doodling around with lettering, and while I am by no means an expert, I have been having such a fun time with it that I figured…it can’t hurt.  For all of your lettering needs, you can visit me at Love Lettered and follow me on the ‘gram @loveletteredshop.

IMG_2891  IMG_2892
The 4x4 canvases are my favorite!

          Those are my summer plans in a nutshell.  The littlest bit of busy and a whole lot of down time.  I am savoring every last minute of this summer and not even thinking about August…except for my required reading…  I’m hoping to be around a little more this summer since my mind is not otherwise engaged…we’ll see how that goes.

Happy Summer!

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