Dear Davis–11 Months

     Oh Buddy, 11 months.  We are closing in on a year, and I am so excited!  You are 100% personality and so much fun!  We have stayed busy this month and are in such a great routine.  You love school.  You love church.  You love to play.  You are basically just loving life right now.


     Last month you learned to walk, but it wasn’t your primary mode of transportation for a few weeks.  This month, you spend almost no time crawling and walk/run everywhere.  You love to be chased down the hall and you spend a lot of time looking out the front door and window.

     You are still loving Daddy this month.  So sweet!  When he’s at work, you are all about Mama, but when Daddy’s around, I’ll happily play second fiddle.  Y’all are so sweet running after each other and playing.

You looked like such a big boy laying in the floor playing…I don’t think I’m ready!


IMG_2784  IMG_2828
You pulled this blanket off the couch and cried at me until I put it on the floor for you.  I also love a pallet.

You also cried at this mini drumstick…because it was so delicious.  I also love a drumstick.

Water play

This was your first art where you didn’t yell at me! Winning!

Length: I haven’t measured, but you are growing like a weed!

Weight:  According to the scale at Granny’s house, 23ish pounds

Head:  Keeping up with everything else…growing

Eating:  8 oz. (from a cup beginning last week!) at 6 a.m. (with breakfast), 10 a.m., 2 p.m., and 6 p.m.  You have been eating everything!  All-time favorites are pasta, chicken patties, green beans, beans, and pretty much all fruits.

Sleeping:  As always, 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. with one nap at school and two on stay home days

Your daddy also makes this face at me sometimes…like father, like son.

IMG_2856  IMG_2857  IMG_2860IMG_2862  IMG_2865  IMG_2872
I cannot believe that the next time we do these you’ll be ONE!

IMG_1730  IMG_1812  IMG_1879IMG_1449  IMG_2099  IMG_21341_thumb3[5]IMG_2289  IMG_2416  IMG_2561IMG_2702  IMG_2867
You are starting to look so much like a little boy not a baby!  You are so handsome!

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