New House: The Before Living Room

     Now that we’ve been here for six months and have painted nearly every wall, it’s high time that I actually take pictures and share them. Our living room is pretty much done, but it wouldn’t be a reveal if I didn’t show you the extremely gold befores. Please know that when I say “gold,” I do not mean in the fabulous Olympics way…I mean in the harvest gold horror kind of way.

IMG_1426_thumb[2]If you’re in the math business, calculate that we have 12 shelves that are 6 feet wide by 1 foot deep. We have 72 square feet of shelf. Just reading that makes me feel like I need to dust. This picture is taken in the corner by the front door.

This is the same wall as above but in the other corner with my back to the front window.

     Let’s discuss the carpet. It may look unassuming and neutral. It’s not. It is white interwoven with red and green specks. I do not love it…we’re going to look at some other options very soon. We want to do a dark hardwood in the living room, dining room, and down the hall.

IMG_1427_thumb[2]IMG_1428_thumb[2]The top is taken with my back to the dining room. The bottom is taken with my back to the kitchen. The spots on the wall are not avant garde art choices. They’re spackle and paint samples. We’re going bold.


     We love our new house, and I love my husband for climbing these tall, tall walls to paint. The new living room feels like ours (which is great since it is…). I almost chickened out on the paint color, but once it was done and I took a few breaths…it was love. Give me some time to pick up Davis’s toys, and I’ll get some pictures of the finished product!

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