Dear Davis–8 Months

     I have an eight month old.  Davis Malcolm, you are eight months old.  You have such a personality and so much you want to do!  You are independent and busy and w.i.l.d.  Every day with you is so fun.  You  make me laugh.  You make me a little crazy.  You make me tired.  But I wouldn’t change a second of it!


     You have been on the go this month!  You are such a fast crawler, and you go anywhere you want!  There’s not a lot of sitting going on at our house these days.  You’ve decided that the shelves are a great place to play and climb into them at least once a day.  When your daddy is working around the house, you’re right on his heels tyring to play with sandpaper and tools and anything else you can get your hands on.  On top of all that, you are an expert at pulling up and will probably be cruising in no time.  On the not so positive end, you got RSV this month.  But even that didn’t slow you down too much, and one eternally long short week later you were back to your buckwild self. 
     I love this age.  Everything is so exciting for you, and you are learning so much.  I know every month is such a big deal, but I already can’t believe you’re headed toward nine months old!  This month people keep telling me what a happy baby you are, and they’re right!  You love to smile and laugh and be silly.  You’re such a people person and still have no hesistation when it comes to new people – everybody is a friend!

IMG_2331Apparently I need to double check your bag because you had no extra pants!  Thank goodness we ran in to Natalie in the hall and Suzanne had an extra (2T) pair in her bag…that fit.  But your sweet face!

The remote
Being tickled
Food (green beans, goldfish, puffs, grits with cheese)

IMG_2335On Thursdays we wear stripes…and apparently get mystery fever viruses that only last for a few hours.

Length: You feel so giant to me…you’re already over 2 ft. long
Weight: 18 lb. 12 oz.
Head: Still big and round
Eating: 8 oz. at 6 a.m., 10 a.m., 2 p.m., and 6 p.m. with food 3 times a day and usually a snack.  You’re eating a lot of table food (peas, beans, pears, corn), and if you had a tooth, we would work on more (even though you are a gumming champ!).
Sleeping: 7:00ish to 6:00ish and usually only two naps (especially if we are busy in the afternoon).

IMG_2336The shelves have been a big adventure this month.  You’ve climbed in them.  You’ve pulled up on them.  You’ve almost pulled the entire book basket out of them.  W.I.L.D.

IMG_2342  IMG_2356
We had some sick days this month.  Boo.  I was so sad when they told me you had RSV, but you were such a trooper.  Our other trooper was your sweet Daddy who rearranged his schedule to stay home with you!  We LOVE you, Keith!  You didn’t let being sick slow you down at all.  You still tornadoed through the house.  If it wasn’t for all the snot and coughing, it would have been a little staycation.

IMG_2345  IMG_2357
Snow day!  You didn’t know what to make of it, but you love staying home and you love going outside.  Our few minutes in the snow were the highlight of your day…until we made snow cream.


IMG_2420  IMG_2421  IMG_2424IMG_2436  IMG_2440  IMG_2445
It is incredibly difficult to get pictures of you these days…but I love it.

IMG_1730  IMG_1812  IMG_1879  IMG_1449IMG_2099  IMG_21341_thumb3[5]  IMG_2289  IMG_2416
Davis Malcolm, I can’t belive there are EIGHT of these!  You are so precious to us!

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