Dear Davis–6 Months

     I am not mentally prepared for this (even though I’ve had two and half extra weeks to be). Sweet baby Davis, you are six months old! Half a year! Basically an adult! You have learned so much just in the past couple of weeks. You have the most fun personality and love to smile at everything. I seriously find it hard to believe that we are getting ready for your first Christmas and watching you almost crawl around our house. We are certifiably obsessed with you!


This month you are busy. So busy. You want to know every detail of everything. You are a people watcher and an observer, and you are loving life. You’ve learned lots of new sounds (yelling and tiny screaming and a strange oink/quack sound you make in your throat) and are showing them off in a big way. You haven’t mastered crawling, but you can rock and raise up on your hands and feet. In the past few days, you’ve taken on a sort of army crawl where you push forward with your knees and then fling yourself forward. Crawling is coming…our shelves are not safe.
I say it every month, but your personality is just the best! You are so happy and love people. You smile and laugh and jump any time someone talks to you, and it is just the sweetest! You met Santa (twice so far), and I think he’s your new bestie. You are definitely on the nice list.
You have loved being on a schedule this month and have been such a good baby! You are trying all sorts of new foods and love all people. We are in such a sweet spot right now. You love to play and learn new things, and we love watching you. We are so looking forward to your first Christmas. Just a few more days until Santa visits the McGuire house for the first time!


All food
Sophie the Giraffe

This is your newest trick! You push across the floor with your knees (almost crawling but not quite) and then pull over anything you can get your hands around. Busy.

Length: 26 1/4
Weight: 16 lb. 12 oz.
Head: 90th percentile
Eating: 8oz every 3-4 hours and food with cereal twice a day
Sleeping: 7:00ish to 6:00ish and two or three naps

Be still my heart! The girls had these dresses last year, and when I saw this sweet John John, I knew it had to be yours! This was also your first time to wear shoes…for about 10 minutes. I wish December had 20 Sundays so you could wear this 20 times!

We went to Family Worship Night at church to watch the girls, and you loved it! You stayed up way past your bedtime listening to the sweet singing and even managed to stay smiley for a few pictures. It was so exciting to think about watching you singing with the choir in just a few years!

This precious outfit made an appearance again for school to see Santa. You loved him again. Also, three cheers for Natalie who found your cute shirt at Goodwill. Score.

IMG_21311_thumb2 IMG_21331_thumb2 IMG_21321_thumb3IMG_21341_thumb2 IMG_21361_thumb2 IMG_21371_thumb2
It’s getting harder to get pictures…you have so much you want to look at and do.

IMG_1730 IMG_1812 IMG_1879IMG_1449 IMG_2099 IMG_21341_thumb3
Oh my baby…you are so big! These monthlies just get me every time.

We love you so much!

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