Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dear Davis–5 Months

     We are late, late, late for this one, but on your actual 5 month birthday you had a yucky diaper rash and were not in the best mood…then I got lazy.  Better late than never.  This month has been so busy but so fun!  You are learning so much all the time and have really developed quite the personality.


     You have so many new tricks this month!  You’ve figured out how to spit.  You do it when I touch your face or when you don’t want to sleep or when you want to make a big, dramatic scene when you cry.  You’ve decided that your new favorite hobby is jumping.  You love to be in your jumper and when I hold you you bounce like a kangaroo. We started food, and you loved it!  You’ve had sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots, but I don’t think we’ll be having carrots again soon.  Your poor belly.  That set off the week of ten thousand diapers.  Thank goodness you are better, and we’ll be back to food soon.
     This month I can tell that you are really starting to recognize familiar things.  You smile when I pick you up from daycare and love seeing your family.  When I get a bottle ready, you almost jump out of my arms to get to it.  You get that from your momma.  In the past few days you’ve almost figured out how to sit up, and you have been so good at playing.  You’re grabbing on purpose, and it’s making you so happy!  I cannot believe that in two weeks you will be six months old.  I can’t.  I cannot.


Kooky Raccoo
Spitting and blowing
Clawing faces



IMG_1986Pumpkin patching!

IMG_2003You wore this sweet suit for baby dedication and picture day. #allthehearteyes

IMG_2053We kept Halloween low-key…but you looked all kinds of cute!

IMG_2083I went temporarily insane and took the cousins grocery shopping. Not as bad as I was expecting…but it was much. Suzanne’s face sums it up pretty well.

Length: Bigger than last time definitely!
Weight: I’m guessing a little less than 20
Head: Big and round
Eating: 7 oz. every 3 hours, cereal in the morning, and sometimes food in the evening
Sleeping: 7:00ish to 6:00ish and definitely napping better at home than daycare

IMG_2077  IMG_2102  IMG_2095
You are definitely your own person, and it seems exhausting.  You scream laugh and crash hard.  You’re amused by the silliest things and not amused with your sweet toboggan.  I love seeing you grow into yourself.

IMG_2096  DSCF4344  IMG_2097
DSCF4343  IMG_2098  DSCF4345
These are two separate attempts at pictures. The difference in light is a direct reflection of your mood.

IMG_1730  IMG_1812  IMG_1879IMG_1449    IMG_2099
You are so fun.

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