Monday, September 7, 2015

There Are Days

     Let’s talk about being busy.  As I may have mentioned one or twice, I had the best baby on earth 13 weeks ago. (I’ll cry about that later.)  After that, I moved back into my classroom.  Then we bought a house.  So we packed…and packed…and packed.  Then we moved.  Then I moved out of my classroom and into another classroom.  This “new” room has been being used as “storage” for the past 16,584,606,541 years.  I’m not lying to you when I say it’s full of junk.  Also it’s dusty (but I’ll think about that later).  Aaaaaaaaaand we’re only four weeks into the school year!

Add to this list:
Ancient “resources” you’re forbidden to throw away
Stealing from other teachers so you can finally have matching desks
Sending aggressive work orders to people who won’t help you
Dollar Tree decorating
Risking your life climbing things to clean the walls

…and everyone’s favorite…
professional development.

     And yet…there are some days when you feel like you might have actually done something.  There are days when students pass the math test.  There are days when you hear a student tell another student that you’re nice. There are days when they laugh at your jokes. And there are days when you hear that your students are happy.  That makes you feel better about not getting any work done over the weekend.

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