Thursday, July 23, 2015

That Time I Bought a Giant Artichoke

     I mentioned last time that Keith and I bought a house!  I so badly want to show you every picture, but these things are never done until they’re done.  As of now, we plan to close on August 14th, and we could not be more excited!  Let’s back up a little so I can tell you how all of this came about…

     Keith and I started looking at houses last summer.  Really quickly we found this really cute house out in the country.  It needed some serious cosmetic love (paneling everywhere and a really attractive blue shower…ew), but the lot was great and the owner was practically giving it away.  We were getting all of our things in order to make an offer, and the owner traded it to a family member.  Ouch.  The only bright spot is that it didn’t happen after the offer was in.  I was pretty upset (that’s a large understatement).  Regardless, we kept looking and found not one thing that we loved.  Fast forward to when I have a three week old baby and my sister moves back to town, and we decide that’s the best time to get serious about looking.  #whydoidothesethings

     We struck gold this time with the cutest little house.  It’s maybe one mile from my sister’s new house (practically neighbors!) in a quiet little cove.  The backyard is big and flat with trees and the best deck/patio situation.  Davis is going to have so much fun playing out there.  My favorite part of the entire house is the living room.  Brick fireplace.  Exposed beam ceilings.  One billion built in shelves.  I’ve had a serious lack of decorating surfaces in the apartment…I’m now overwhelmed with surfaces.


     Naturally, I took to Hobby Lobby to help with my shelf situation.  This giant (I would guess 8ish in. tall) artichoke(?) was eighty percent off in the garden section.  How could I not buy it?!  It’s my new favorite thing.  It will be receiving a place of honor on the shelves. #everyhomeneedsanartichoke

     In other Hobby Lobby news, the 4th of July stuff is 90% off.  I scooped up several things to decorate with next year.  I struggled with buying things just to pack them away, but I did it anyway because clearance.  I have a feeling this blog may turn into “check the progress of Allyson’s built ins in the near future.”  Get excited!

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