Red, White, and Blue

     Happy late 4th of July!  We’ve been busy spending time with family, crafting with babies, and eating.  I love any sort of holiday, and I’ve had all sorts of red, white, and blue warm fuzzies for the 4th – the music, the pageantry…the food.  This was Davis’s first big holiday, and the cousins were fully decked out in their red, white, and blue!

We love these sweet cousins!

     Della loves to decorate for any holiday, so after she adorned the house in streamers and shiny garland, we got busy crafting.  Della and Suzanne made one for my sister.  Davis made one for me, and all the cousins made one for Granny’s house.


     My sister found the boards at Walmart in a 3-pack for just a few dollars.  We used tempera paint, and if we made any mistakes, we were able to wipe the paint off with a wet rag and redo it without ruining the board! #winning  Also…in case you were wondering, Davis loathes crafting and having his foot painted was apparently pure torture.  Luckily, babies have a short memory, and I love my art!

Look at those sweet feet!

The big girls did some firework art (shamelessly pirated from Momfessionals).

     I love how our art turned out.  Davis may be making me a firework picture in a few years!  After our crafting and photo shoot, we spent the afternoon playing outside (the weather was so nice) and eating.  We didn’t go to a firework show, but there were sparklers and smoke bombs to be had in the backyard.  I figure we have a little time until Davis is begging for the big show!
     I seriously cannot believe that it’s already July!  I am soaking up every last minute of this summer with my baby because I know August is coming too soon.  If you need me between now and then, I’ll be staring at my baby.

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