Dear Davis–1 Month

     Sweet Baby Davis!  You are one month old today!  Sometimes I feel like you’ve been with us forever, but today I can’t believe it’s been a whole month.  You are the sweetest baby, and of course we all think you’re the most handsome too.


     We are still learning so much about each other, but one thing is for sure…you have some ways that are all your own.  You are loud like Mama with a short fuse (I have no idea who that came from…), and your cry goes from zero to sixty in about two seconds.  Usually a quick snuggle is enough to settle right back down.  Every four hours you completely drain a four ounce bottle (and we had better not even be one minute late!).  At night, you sleep in your crib and usually only wake up when it’s time to eat.  After a a couple of weeks hating your swaddle blanket, you have come to love (or just expect) it every night.  You are not too good at being awake yet; you get so bored, but you’re really working on it.  Speaking of bored…when something displeases you, you are quick to let us know.  You’ve been all over town to church and choir and the store, and you are so content just to hang out in your carseat.

IMG_1677You are really trying to smile these past few days!

Your swaddle blanket
Loud noises (you sleep through church and choir practice…and our loud voices)

Sweet Cousins!

Length: 20 in. at last appointment
Weight: 8 lb. 3 oz. at your two week appointment, probably around 9 now
Head: 90th percentile
Eating: 4 oz. every 4 hours
Sleeping: Like a champ (at night)!

     Davis, we are so glad you’re here and are so thankful that you’re part of our little family.  Every day we learn so much about each other.  You are such a good baby, and we love you so much!  I cannot believe you’re a month old, but I am so excited for every little thing you are going to learn and do. 

You are a mover and a shaker!  I could not get a single picture where you were still!

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