The Cutest Shower I’ve Ever Attended

     Last weekend, Davis had his first shower.  He is already so loved, and I am so excited!  My sister and aunt threw a shower for us, and it just couldn’t have been cuter.  Of course Davis loves all of his new things…and so do I!


This is the sign I mentioned in my last post…I wish I had a picture of it saying “Congratulions".” How did none of us notice?!


The theme was sort of “vintage baby boy” according to my sister.  I loved all of the old toys and books!


I ate a lot of everything on that table.  I’m a sucker for shower food.  Because it’s so small, you can eat so much more of it.  That’s how that works…right?


The truck belonged to my dad…so sweet!


Sorry for the super blurry picture…I was squatted in the floor trying to maintain balance.  This is Davis’s gift from my mother.  (Except the diaper bag.  That was from the hostesses!)  In the bucket, Davis got The Fox and the Hound, a car seat toy, a buggy/high chair cover, and some diapers and wipes.  And what baby doesn’t need a five gallon bucket?  That was a nod to Keith, who hoards five gallon buckets and uses them for everything.

     I didn’t take pictures of everything else, but suffice it to say that Davis is basically all set!  I’ve done another load of laundry, and his little room is just waiting on him.  We can’t wait to meet him.  It’s really starting to dawn on me that we just have four more weeks…which really means one to hopefully not more than four weeks.  I’m surprisingly not a nervous wreck.  At least in my waking state.  I did recount a dream a few weeks ago where my baby was being passed around an auditorium right after birth, and I had to go take him back…#crazypregnantlady.

I’ll just leave you with this.  I’m pretty sure the first picture was taken around Christmas, so roughly 20ish weeks.  I was so excited and thought my bump was so big.  The second picture was taken at 35 weeks and 6 days (according to my app).  I can’t imagine what the picture four weeks from now will look like…

Happy Weekend!

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Kelley Grant said...

Congrats sweet friend! SO excited for you. LOVE the name Davis!!